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Caliach Vision

Who are Caliach?

Caliach is an acknowledged innovator in manufacturing management systems.

We have established an international reputation for supplying the highest quality products - backed by responsive customer service - which enable our customers to manage their manufacturing businesses effectively and efficiently.

In 1990, we pioneered Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for small and medium-sized manufacturers with CaliachMRP.

In 2001 - to great acclaim - we released Caliach Vision, our fully integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing management system.

In 2012 we released Caliach Vision V4.00, incorporationg the unique Language Swap system for businesses operating globally.

In 2013 we released Caliach Vision V4.10, incorporationg the dynamic program language change for businesses operating globally.

In 2015 we released Caliach Vision V5.00, with industrial-strength clent-server SQL beckend databse PostgreSQL, dramatically improving performance with unlimitted scalle.

All the Caliach team have worked in the manufacturing sector, so we understand manufacturing requirements from everyone's perspective - owners, managers, IT experts and users.

It is this understanding that is driving us to establish Caliach Vision and future products as standard management tools for small and medium-sized manufacturers, just as office and accounting programs are today.

Please explore our web site further to discover why manufacturing excellence is no longer the exclusive preserve of large corporations - thanks to Caliach Vision.