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As with all industry specialisations, terminology is very specific. Whilst most terms are universal in their meaning, many can have a different meaning to different people, especially amongst Management Consultants and Accountants. Within these documents Caliach reserves the right to put its own definition on terms. For the avoidance of any doubt, you should test and explore the operation of the Caliach Vision ERP itself, using our demonstration software, to establish whether your definition of a term matches ours.

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Caliach Vision Features: The Caliach Vision Philosophy

How can you further improve a product lineage already benefiting from ten years of user-focussed evolution? The answer from Caliach Ltd's clients and their peers was unequivocal - make it even more powerful and easy to use, by increasing the transparency of the user interface and the clarity of the business processes. Caliach Ltd met this challenge by formulating the "Vision" design philosophy, incorporating the following guiding principles:

  • Maximise information visibility, enabling users to "see into" underlying data to virtually any level by drilling down, sideways and up.
  • Accelerate data entry and manipulation.
  • Increase the intuitiveness of the user-interface, improving clarity and flexibility.
  • Remove restrictions on working on multiple tasks and in multiple windows simultaneously.
  • Increase the use of graphical techniques for display and manipulation of data.
  • Empower users by allowing individual customised working environments.
  • Increase the power and flexibility of reporting tools.