Caliach Customer Registration Form

To obtain your licence from Caliach you should:

  1. Complete the Licence Order Form,
  2. Complete the Registration Section,
  3. Read the Licence Agreement,
  4. Print this document, sign it, and send it to Caliach.

Caliach Ltd
11 The Strand, Barnstaple
North Devon, EX31 1EU

Caliach will then:

  1. Complete the Licence Agreement,
  2. Fax you a license authentication which will enable you to activate your Caliach software.

Tel: 01895 230203

Licence Order Form to Caliach Ltd

Company Licensed Name
Full address
System Manager
Product Ordered
Site licence with value of £
Number of concurrent users with value of £
Annual Support 1 year with value of £
Training Days with value of £
Total (exclusive of VAT)    
By signing this form you, the Licensee, agree to be bound by the terms of the Licence Agreement and Support Agreement:
Purchase Order Number

Support Registration

Please answer the questions that follow so that we can be in a better position to provide responsive and informed support. Questions are on both technical issues and to give us some insight into your business.

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