About this Tutorial
  Demonstration Installation
  Logging into Training Data
Finding Your Way Around
  Menus, Tasks and Windows
  Menus, Tasks and Windows
  Data Entry and Updating
  Drilling Down to Details
  Security and User Access
  Reports and Destinations
Master Data
  Viewing a Customer
  Adding a New Customer
  Global Changes
  Other Master Data
Processing Activities
  Create a Sales Order
  Adding Line Items
  Printing the Sales Order
  Dispatching the Sales Order
  Printing the Invoice
  Review History
Ledger Accounting
  Ledgers Layout and Integration
  Review Customer Account
  Receive Customer's Payment
  General (Nominal) Ledger Postings
  Journals, Assets, Tax, etc.
  Month-End, Audits and Manager Functions
Material Requirement Planning
  Demand that Drives Supply
  Forecasting and Production Plans
  Running MRP
  Results and Recommendations
  Creating Orders from MRP Results
  What-If Scenarios
Capacity Planning
  Operations Listing
  Kit-To List
  Make-To List
  Work Centre Loading
  Re-Schedule Work
History and Analysis
  Inventory (Stock) Movements
  Sales, Purchases, Works and Jobs
  Flexibility of Reports
  Analysing Data Elsewhere
System Flexibility
  System Preferences
  System, Group and User Settings
  Custom Reports
  Custom Features and Plug-Ins
  Custom Code Hooks
  Approach to Implementation
  Data Transfer Utility
  Global Changes
  Test and Play Data
  Training and On-Site Assistance
  Going Live

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