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Winter 2007 Newssheet

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Connaught Motor Company

Connaught Logo

Specialist Manufacturer of the Year 2006
Auto Express New Car Honours 2006

Connaught Engineering Limited

The Type-D GT Syracuse from the Connaught Motor Company offers a unique combination of performance and practicality. Fresh thinking has been applied and the end result is truly staggering. Every aspect has been questioned and new answers sought. This approach led to the adoption of Caliach Vision as the company's manufacturing ERP system.

Connaught Engineering Ltd

Connaught Engineering Limited

Connaught Enginnering Ltd now also use Caliach Vision for their HYBRID+ system, the first retro-fit Hybrid system available on the market designed for light commercial vehicles. This has led to the TESCO/Connaught partnership announced in July 2007 with initial trials being undertaken to hybridise their home delivery fleet with the intention to equip 335 vehicles in 2008.

Caliach Vision ERP - Latest News

17 Jul 2018 - Caliach Vision V5.1002 latest upgrade, August 2018 price changes and introduction of MuM..
28 Jul 2016 - Caliach Vision V5.1000 latest upgrade with significant enhancements.
25 Mar 2015 - Caliach Vision V5.0000 with industrial-strength client-server data technology.
25 Nov 2013 - Caliach Vision V4.1003 adds Japanese dynamic language in a day!
01 Sep 2013 - Caliach Vision V4.10 Released.
05 Nov 2012 - Caliach Vision V4.00 Released.
25 Aug 2012 - Caliach Vision, or should it be Caliach Global?.
01 Aug 2012 - Caliach Vision development continues despite upgrade fatigue.
01 Jun 2012 - Caliach Vision helps businesses prosper in straightened times.
16 Jun 2008 - Caliach Vision V3.10 Released.
12 Nov 2007 - Caliach Vision Open-Rental scheme eases cashflow concerns.
27 Mar 2007 - Version 3 inspires migrations.
21 Nov 2006 - Major upgrade for Caliach Vision.
25 Nov 2005 - New home, migrations and new sites.
14 Mar 2005 - Rules-based sales order configuration for Version 2.1.
01 Oct 2004 - From fish to furniture.
01 May 2004 - Caliach Vision ERP Version 2.0 now being installed.

Caliach Vision V5.1002 latest upgrade, August 2018 price changes and introduction of MuM. 17th July 2018

We release our latest incremental version adding new features and also introduced a new Managed User Monthly way to operate Caliach Vision V5. Check out the full FREE Demonstration download here!

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Caliach Vision V5.1000 latest upgrade with significant enhancements 30th October 2017

We now have 18 operational sites with over 200 daily users working on V5. Check out the full FREE Demonstration download here!

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Caliach Vision V5.0000 with industrial-strength client-server data technology 25th March 2015

A complete re-write of Caliach Vision's data interface taking it into industrial-strength client-server standards supporting either PostgreSQL or MySQL server data engines. Check out the full FREE Demonstration download here!

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Caliach Vision V4.1003 adds Japanese dynamic language in a day! 25th November 2013

The latest maintenance release of Caliach Vision adds a new daily Tip of the Day to aid user productivity. In addition, partly as a test of the automated processes developed, Japanese was added as a full integrated Dynamic Program Language. To do this it took one engineer 8 working hours from start to full installer production. Check out the full FREE Demonstration download here!

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Caliach Vision V4.10 1st September 2013

The latest version of Caliach Vision has been posted on Caliach's webside in Demonstration form. The new version introduces Dynamic Language Program Change. This allows a single installer to offer any of 10 program languages that can be changed by a simple menu selection.

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Caliach Vision V4.00 5th November 2012

The latest version of Caliach Vision has been posted on Caliach's webside in Demonstration form. The new version is fully Unicode complant accomodating any language script characters in both data and program. Among other new features is Language Swap multi-lingual data , Data Views, new Graphing and a powerfull Key Performance Indicator interface.

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Caliach Vision, or should it be Caliach Global? 25th August 2012

How would you like to email a quotation in German, report your accounts in Chinese and publish a Russian price list? Maybe not now, but as the world shrinks you may need to soon. And Caliach Vision be there to make that trivial.

The barriers to this flexibility have been shattered by a technology known as Unicode. This universal standard allows characters of any language to coexist together and anywhere. The next major release Caliach Vision will support any script in all text fields and also within the program itself. More than that, a unique Language Swap system is incorporated to allow those than need it to operate a truly multi-lingual system.

Other major developments such as business intelligence reporting will also be included. The release of this major version will be coordinated with new operating system releases from Microsoft and Apple.

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Caliach Vision development continues despite upgrade fatigue 1st August 2012

We all know the feeling; the latest software release from "SomeSoft" has arrived, complete with dark warnings about the ending of support for the current version, a hefty price tag, and the prospect of a disruptive upgrade that doesn't really bring anything useful to the party. At Caliach Ltd we have seen a trend developing among our customers to hang on to existing operating system releases and applications for longer, as they mature and settle down. Unlike the consumer technology, for business software, stability, reliability and maturity are valued over novelty, and resistance to upgrading is the norm.

Manufacturing ERP is no different, and towards the end of the last decade it was clear that Caliach Vision users were increasingly holding back on major upgrades, despite there being no software licence upgrade costs to pay. With only minor disruption in prospect, and continuing support for older versions, it was clear that user's were just leaving well alone, despite the prospect of significant functional enhancements with the potential for productivity improvements.

Caliach Vision minor updates are carried out from within the program via the Internet, and as network availability and bandwidth are no longer an issue, it was decided to leave greater intervals between major updates, and increase the number of functional enhancements delivered by the integrated update function. As a result, since the release of Caliach Vision 3.10 in June 2008, 74 enhancements have been delivered in this way, including: -

  • Address and contact synchronisation between Marketing (CRM) and Customers/Suppliers
  • Electronic submission of UK Intrastat data
  • Option for Negative BoM component quantities
  • New PO KanBan ordering facility
  • Foreign currency customer and supplier accounts can now host mixed currency transactions (previously only local currency accounts could do this)
  • The other enhancements include many new reports, Team Calendar enhancements and productivity improvements to virtually all areas of the software. See Caliach Vision Feature Enhancements up to V3.1100 and F0484 for full details.

Meanwhile significant work is ongoing for the release of the next major version.

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Caliach Vision helps businesses prosper in straightened times 1st June 2012

A major benefit of well designed ERP software is that it can manage you through tough times as well as the growth times. So it has proved for Caliach Vision users over the last half decade of economic turbulence and often depressing news. Proof of this is Caliach's remarkably stable customer portfolio. Business failure of Caliach Vision users has been no different in the recession than it was in the boom years. "We can't exactly claim that Caliach Vision will save you from disaster but the evidence does demonstrate that you are far more resilient with it than without it." points out Managing Director, Paul Wilson.

It is clear that the UK economy in general, including manufacturing, has suffered greatly from the 2007 global financial crisis and ensuing recession. From press reports alone it is difficult to disentangle the impact on smaller UK manufacturers. Reporting generally focuses on large headline reductions in revenues and jobs, while the picture from the crucial smaller producers in hundreds of industrial estates remains obscure.

In previous economic slowdowns Caliach has typically seen an up-tick in ERP investment by smaller businesses as they take advantage of the pause to reorganize and improve efficiency. The 2007-led recession proved different either because customers were well prepared or they applied widespread investment freezes. The latter also saw a reduction in the normal rate of business acquisitions and consolidations. Many of our customers have niche-products in global markets and they have prospered and expanded.

This recession has also differed in the speed of recovery; by the end of 2011 new site installations had rebounded to almost pre-recession levels, and by July 2012 overall revenue from software and associated services with Caliach Ltd was up 17% over two years. Anecdotally, some manufacturing company bosses who reported large drops in revenue and employment during the recession (sometimes over 50%) reported a full recovery of both by the end of 2011, despite stagnation in the larger economy.

Recent migrations from CaliachMRP legacy software to Caliach Vision including: -

Printed Circuit Boards
Drawn Wire and Annealed Steel Specialist

Recent new site installations of Caliach Vision include: -

High-performance Ventilation Fans
Fibre Optic Sensors and Communications

Consumers, governments and banks may be cash-strapped but prudent manufacturers are not and they are well poised to exploit opportunities of recovery. Caliach will be there to assist them.

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Caliach Vision V3.10 Released 16th June 2008

Caliach Vision V3.10 has been released for use with Omnis Studio V4.3.1. The combination fully supports new operating systems Microsoft Vista and Server 2008 and Apple Macintosh MacOSX V5 known as Leopard. It's release includes a total of 47 significant enhancements including:

  • Team Calendar - A full multi-resource calendar to enhance management co-ordination.
  • Ledgers Debit Note - A new A/P feature to produce a Debit Note for supplies sold back to suppliers.
  • PDF Printing Additions - The PDF report destination and Email now support backbround images and encyption with user password control.
  • Environment Enhancements - to support new MacOSX features including window transparancy.
  • SO and PO Reviews - now contain both on-order and history.

Full details are available in the What's New in Version 3.10 help page which is inside a full illustrated set of V3.10 help online.

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Caliach Vision Open-Rental scheme eases cashflow concerns 12th November 2007

One of the major factors delaying investment in new business software is cash availability for software licences and up-front support fees, not made any easier by the current turmoil in the credit markets. Existing software rental schemes appear to address this, but after 3 - 4 years the need to keep paying rental indefinitely in order to run the software rapidly escalates the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With these schemes pre-sales consultancy and implementation assistance can also be limited, compared to traditional capital purchase arrangements.

With the Caliach Vision Open-Rental scheme you get the best of both worlds. Customers simply pay a quarterly rental fee which includes software and support, for a fixed term of 3 years. They are free to adjust the configuration or cancel the arrangement at each quarter, and after the 3 year period simply revert to paying the same single annual support fee as customers who made a capital investment. Before and after sales assistance is exactly the same however the software is financed, and ending the rental after 3 years ensures that TCO is comparable with traditional ERP financing.

Within a couple of weeks of launching the scheme, the first rental site was registered, and several more are in the closing stages. More information and some cost illustrations can be found at:

Caliach Vision Investment Examples

The Caliach Vision user community continues to expand with both rental and purchase sites including:

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Version 3 inspires migrations 27th March 2007

The release of Caliach Vision Version 3 has helped encourage migrations from the legacy product Caliach MRP - amongst those recently taking the plunge were Mecmesin Ltd, Phoenix Vessel Technology Ltd, and Clariant Tamimi in Saudi Arabia.

Recent new site licences include:

  • Malvern Tubular Components Ltd – Tubular components and assemblies
  • Limbs and Things Ltd – Surgical training equipment
  • Concurrent Technologies Inc – Single board computers

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Major upgrade for Caliach Vision 21st November 2006

Version 3 is now shipping to supported users, and includes significant structural changes. Customers, suppliers and CRM/SRM records now all have unlimited multiple addresses, and all addresses have unlimited numbers of contacts. Two of the many advantages with the new data structure, are that a wide range of commercial documents can now be assigned default address and contact records to speed administration, and end-user contacts and addresses can be maintained for serial numbered products, improving product life-cycle management.

Production scheduling is enhanced with a new work operation data structure independent of item masters, allowing for alternate operations and alternate routings, as well as flexible rescheduling with real-time resource loading recalculation. As well as easily identifying bottlenecks, planners can now reschedule and immediately see the results, for rapid optimisation.

An in-built report destination of PDF helps to standardise report and document management, while emailed document attachments are now PDF by default. BACS payment export facilities have been integrated into the main program, with serialised transaction management.

The user interface hasn't been neglected either - the function navigator now allows functions to be grouped into topics, with site-defined instructions or help at both the function and topic level. Users can assign icons, icon style and text to functions, and topics can contain functions from anywhere in the program.

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New home, migrations and new sites 25th November 2005

Today sees Caliach Ltd safely installed into our new home, with minimal disruption.

The process of migrating customers from CaliachMRP to Caliach Vision continues, with Classic Glass and Dishwashing Systems and S S White Industrial Ltd of Milton Keynes in the UK, Arabian T R Oil Services Ltd in Saudi Arabia, and Atval (Pty) Ltd in South Africa among recent sites taking the plunge. Around 80% of supported Caliach sites are now operational on the new software, with the balance still able to use CaliachMRP on the latest hardware and benefit from support.

Caliach Vision also continues to replace legacy systems in the manufacturing sector, while being the choice of first-time ERP investors as well. Recent new sites include:

J F Walsh (Packaging) Ltd - Paper Bag Manufacturer
New Pro Foundries Ltd - Aluminium & Bronze Alloy Sand Castings
Dass Manufacturing Ltd - Manufacture of Coffee Dispensing Machines
Energy Technology and Control Ltd - Electronic Controls for Boiler Houses
Rafi GB Limited - Rugged Keyboards and Display Systems

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Rules-based sales order configuration for Version 2.1 14th March 2005

Caliach Vision V2.1 sees the introduction of a powerful rules-based sales document configurator as an alternative to the existing product configurator. The new environment employs wizards to guide sales entry staff through the creation of estimates, quotations, jobs or sales orders, while their point-and-click choices are translated into sales documents, new or modified products, and even purchase and works orders. Stock availability at all levels is analysed, and available dates and gross margin can be calculated and displayed in real time.

Other new features include an ad-hoc graphical analysis tool for the generation and display of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), simplified stock multi-location management and reporting, and 49 other enhancements.

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From fish to furniture 1st October 2004

New installations of Caliach Vision continue to highlight the versatility of the system, shown by the range of industries represented. Recent sites include:

Bytec Systems Ltd - Contract Electronics Product Manufacturer
Broadwater Mouldings Ltd - Engineers in reinforced plastic moulding (GRP)
Securi-Cabin Ltd - Manufacture of Secure Portable Cabins
Custom Micro Products Ltd - Data Collection Solutions
South East Fish Distributors - Shellfish Processing and Distribution
Beyon - Office Furniture and Installations
Aber Instruments Ltd - Instrumentation
Guardian Lock & Engineering Co Ltd - Locksmiths and Security Products

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Caliach Vision ERP Version 2.0 now being installed 1st May 2004

April saw this latest major update distributed, and as with previous releases the majority of users will perform the upgrade themselves, while custom reports and features are safely preserved using the integrated Change Management System (CMS).

Enhancements since version 1.3 number 47, and include a configurable integrated document linking framework allowing a wide range of external media to be associated with most system records, making data such as CAD drawings, quality plans, customer letters and web pages accessible with a single click from a related record.

Other enhancements include a new bank cashflow feature allowing for tentative, firm and recurring predicted entries along with standard accounts transactions; automatic stock allocation according to time-phased priority; improved quality assurance functions and multi-batch stock movement tracking.

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