Incorporating Barcodes

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Issue: Can Barcodes be incorporated into Caliach Vision?

April 17th, 2018

Background: Caliach Vision, as standard, does not use barcodes as part of inventory management. Why is that and can barcodes be used?

Feedback: This is a common question. This is a typical responce to it.

Barcodes and their use is not really a support issue - it is a business consulting issue. Of course, as with any Windows program, barcode scanned data can be entered in a field that you normally enter data with a keyboard (known as a "wedge" scanner). And with customisation of reports, barcodes can be printed using an appropriate (and usually proprietory) barcode font just about anywhere.

The bigger question is what do you want to do with barcodes specifically? What operations of daily activity are going to get a net improvement in using barcodes?

A mind example often used is how barcodes work in supermarkets. Customers randomly pick products and at cheackout they are barcode scanned to control payment and stock management. Random to Ordered. As long as everything has a barcode on it, the system is highly efficient because customers are doing the difficult bit of choosing what to buy.

Barcodes are useless in the reverse direction - starting from an Ordered list and going Random. Imagine a film of a customer doing the shopping RUNNING BACKWARDS! The barcode doesn't help the customer put stuff back on the shelf! That is what a storeperson is doing when kitting or dispatching. And reading barcodes will slow up the processing window for recording the dispatch or kit issue. The net result is reduced productivity! Receiving goods from suppliers is much the same.

Caliach Vision only has one built-in barcode function and that is Work Tracking and this is because tracking is a classic use of barcodes. There is no obvious other activity that can really benefit from barcodes. We have done in the past some customisation for specific Caliach Vision activities, for example stocktake, and in the jewellery industry. But it is very rare because the cost benefits are not clear cut at all.

Chris Ross - Senior Consultant