Controlling Email Addresses

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Issue: How can I control where documents are sent whan printed to Email?

April 24th, 2018

Background: Caliach Vision automatically provides To and From Email addresses when priniting to email but there are lots of alternatives Can we have a complete rundown?

Feedback: Yes it can be confusing but it is basically simple, with a bunch of layers of control you can use. This article is a compilation of Caliach Vision Help that covers email addresses.

From address

When printing a report or document to the Email report destination the dialog contains lists for To, CC and BCC standard email addresses. For an email to be sent there must be at least 1 To address. It also needs a From address. The From address comes automatically from the Email section of the System, Group or User's Settings, if entered, and in that order of priority. There are 2 email addresses in each settings. One under the General tab pane that is printed on documents only and not used as a From address when sending emails. Under the Email tab pane there is an Email address that is used as the From address when sending emails. There is also an Allways CC address, or comma seperated list of multiple addresses which is used to automatically apply a CCs to emails that are sent.

For completeness in this explanation there is also a Default Email Address in File -- System Manager -- Company Details that is used only when adding Delivery Details Addresses.

To addresses from Customers, Suppliers and Marketing Contacts

The rest of this article covers control of the To address or addresses that are offered when sending Emails. Firstly, it needs to be understood that no email is offered when a report is emailed unless an email address exists relevant to that report, such as a customer email for a SO or Invoice. a report such as a Parts listing will only have an email if you set it up to have one (see Email Message Texts section below). Most emailed reports in practice are documents (e.g. Invoice) associated with a Customer, Supplier or a Marketing contact. So the To address(es) will derive from their Address or Contact record relevant to the document. This seems to be the biggest source of user confusion.

An Address has an Email address that is used when no specific Contact is chossen, or the Contact chossen doesn't have an email entered. These email addresses can be multiple by seperating each with a comma, for example,,

Which email(s) are used therefore depends on the Contact and or Address selected for the document. This is done when you create the document. In the case of a Sales Order this is in the Addresses tab pane of SO Maintenance. The default address/contact can be controlled automatically using the Set or Change Document Links context menu function if you right-click on the background of the Addresses tab pane in the Customer/Supplier/Marketing maintenance window.

Set or Change Document Links

Address Document Linking enables you to override the normal selection of the master record's default address and default contact with a different address and contact for particular documents. For example, your main contact for sales may not be the person who is sent financial statements. When statements are sent they go to the Accounts Department, so in this case you would select the accounts department address in the master maintenance window and create a Document Link to the Customer Statement document, and maybe also the Accounts Department Address and Contact.

Email Default Messages for Reports

You can also povide CC and BCC address(es) automatically for specific documents using the File -- Sytem Manager -- Email Message Texts feature. This provides you with the ability to set default message data for documents and reports sent by email. You can set these defaults up at two levels. For example, you could set all POs to be copied to a goods receiving email.

Email Address List Maintenance

This accross-the-system feature is accessed using File -- Sytem Manager -- Email Copy Addresses. This allows you to see all email addresses and to set up a CC and/or BCC to be inserted automatically when that email address is used. For example, when is sent an email, a BCC should be sent to Again, multiples can be set using a comma between them.

Summary of Email Address collection for a Document

By way of example, consider a Sales Order:

Activity Description To CC BCC
Create SO to a Customer Customers default address and that addresses default contact will be applied. Contact Email or Address if no contact email Added if User's Settings have a Always CC entry  
  If there is a Document Link to a specific Address/Contact, those will override the Customer Defaults. -- ditto --    
Change SO Address For an Individual Address: Default Customer Address and default contact emails will apply.    
  Note: the Option optIndivEmail can be used: For Individual SO/Invoice Address Email set 0 = None, 1 = Default Customer Address only, 2 = Default Contact of Default Customer Address. optIndivEmail controls    
  Otherwise address/contact chossen. Contact Email or Address if no contact email    
Printing SO If Email Default Message applies:   Added if set in Default Message Added if set in Default Message
Printing SO If CC or BCC set for any To address in Email Address List   Added if set Added if set

Chris Ross - Senior Consultant