Upgrading from V5.03xx to V5.0400

Version Relevance: V5.03xx ONLY

Issue: I want to upgrade from V5.03 to V5.04. What is the procedure?

Background: Moving from earlier versions to V5 was a significant process, and still is - see Migrating Data from V4.1 to V5. However, moving from V5.03 to V5.04 is easy and can be carried out by any competent system manager.

Jul 25th, 2016

Feedback: V5.0400 is a full install major release and NOT an Upgrade Via the Internet maintenance release. It has no known impact on any site customisation. It uses the same Omnis Studio V6.1.2 as V5.03xx and employs no additional software, nor requires any database engine upgrade.

It is necessarily a full install upgrade for 3 reasons:

  • Table and table columns have been added to the database structure.
  • Across the board changes have been made (making CMS upgrade impractically large).
  • We have had to relocate most supporting files from Extras folder (that can live on the Server) into Terminal (that can not).

However, upgrading an existing site can be achieved reliably by leaving the current User and Server folder structures as they are and replacing certain files from a single newly installed Vision V5.04 folder tree. It is the purpose of this article to provide instructions on how to do this. Carefully follow the steps in order. Do not miss any!

Prepare to Upgrade

  1. Choose a day and time when all users can be off Caliach Vision and crucially the database. You need to be familiar with the local user CaliachVision folder AND the Server Folder (path of which is identified in the User Termianl/Terminal.inf file optServerFolder setting).
  2. In your existing V5.03xx Caliach Vision do File -- Advanced -- Upgrade Via the Internet and include the Customisation checkbox at the bottom. This will ensure you have the V5.04 compatible customisation CMS ProgUser.db that has been pre-prepared for you under Full Site Support.
  3. Backup the database.
  4. Download and install CaliachVision-5.04 Installer (as we will discard the Omnis Studio the edition does not matter).
  5. Do not launch the new installation.

All we are going to do now is copy files from the NEW installation CaliachVision-5.04 into the OLD, and delete a few files on the server.

  1. Go to the NEW Terminal folder, select all files except Terminal.inf, and Copy.
  2. Go to the OLD Terminal folder, and Paste (your existing Terminal.inf needs retaining because it points to your Server Folder).
  3. Copy the NEW Help folder and overwrite the OLD Help folder, if it exists, and/or in the Server Folder.
  4. You may also wish to copy the NEW Upgrading and Data folders to the OLD for completeness, although you may not need their upgraded contents.
  5. Copy the NEW Vision.lbs and overwrite the OLD one.
  6. Go to the Server Folder and delete the ProgSyst.db file (NOT the ProgUser.db file!).
  7. Go into any Extras folders (both in the user folder tree and Server Folder). Delete all files other than Caliach.inf and Logon.db.
  8. The OLD is now a V5.0400 installation and so now you can delete the CaliachVision-5.04 installation folder to avoid any future confusion.
  9. Finally, for clarity you may want to rename the user installation folder. If you do, bear in mind that you will have to amend the name and properties of any shortcuts that users use to launch Caliach Vision.

First Run and Database Upgrade

You are now ready to run V5.0400 for the first time and in doing so upgrade your database. The following will happen when you launch Caliach Vision (assuming you have followed the above correctly):

  1. The first process before the logon window will be the automatic loading of your customisation. (If this doesn't happen, quit and check the Terminal.inf file points to the Server Folder and that the ProgUser.db file is in the Server Folder.)
  2. Log on in the normal way.
  3. There will be some database structure synchronisation activities, which will take a few seconds.
  4. You will then have a working message open while the G/L History table is upgraded. This can take a few minutes with large sites.
  5. You will then be told that the database has been upgraded to V5.0400, and then it will proceed as normal.
  6. You should then perform a File -- Advanced -- Upgrade Via the Internet, to bring in the latest updates.

If this all goes well, you will now need to distribute the User installation folder to all your user computers, replacing their old ones.

For full details of feature enhancements see up to V5.0400 and F0576.

Also, the online help has been updated. In particular a new section of Logon and Logoff has been added to Introduction to Client-Server SQL which explains the new Logon/Logoff mechanism and further down the Adhoc Extra Where and Pre-Sort enhancements.

Chris Ross - Senior Consultant