Caliach MuM - Work Status Email Interpretation

Version Relevance: V5

Issue: I am receiving emails on the subject of "Caliach Vision work status change for My Company". Why is that and how can I interpret them?

Background: In March 2015 Caliach released Caliach Vision V5. Over 4 years, of the 55 supported sites, 21 chose to upgrade while 34 remained on older versions. In August 2018 Caliach announced a service we called Managed User Monthly or MuM for short. It involves Caliach remotely managing a Caliach Vision site's server so that the site is routinely updated with the latest software and is then monitored for problems and/or performance. This provides expert management of the system at a distance and is now the only mechanism for upgrading pre-V5 sites.

Feb 24th, 2019

In late 2018 the UK Government HMRC made it mandatory on businesses to file their VAT tax returns using an automated system they called "Making Tax Digital" (MTD) with a compliance deadline of 1st March 2019. MTD went through a technology change in late 2018 which, as a result, delayed it's implementation in Caliach Vision. This change also made it impossible to offer on earlier versions of Vision than V5.10 operating under Omnis V8.1. The consequence is that the 34 pre-V5 sites (we will refer to them as "The Laggards", of which 28 are subject to UK VAT MTD compliance all need to upgrade to MuM and V5 at the same time!

For the avoidance of doubt it must be stressed that any site running the latest Caliach Vision V5.1xxx will automatically receive the MTD implementation when it is available, whether on MuM or otherwise.

So why is this a problem?

This circumstance has put an extreme workload on one key resource we have and if any progress is to be made at all he needs to restrict his activity to achieve only practical results. Answering emails from Laggards or otherwise is not not on his activity list, for the foreseeable future. It appears Laggards need to be reminded that:

  • Caliach did not create this situation, in fact we have been warning sites for years.
  • Over 4 years we upgraded 21 sites. Now, in as many weeks we are being asked to upgrade up to 28!
  • HMRC is forcing you to upgrade against the clock, not us.
  • You could have upgraded years ago to avoid this precipice.
  • The personal circumstances of staff, which are completely beyond Caliach's control have aggravated the situation.
  • Chris Ross will, in effect, cease all correspondence on matters other than directly achieving practical results for MuM installs.
  • Customization will only be worked on after all pending MuM installs have been completed. That means that many upgrades will be to "vanilla" Caliach Vision V5.1xxx.

Why have we introduced "work status" emails?

We are introducing an automated email system so you are aware of progress. or otherwise, of your case. It is designed to keep you posted of where we are in achieving MuM V5 installation and V5 customization conversion. It works like this: We have 2 fields of text on your License database record on our central server which we will maintain as we work through the projects. When the system updates that change, an email is fired off to you automatically.

Note: We will endeavor to work on a first site come -- first site served basis, so you must send us a PO for the MuM service as oon as possible to get in that queue as early as possible. If your case goes on hold it will slide to the back of the queue, similar to snakes and ladders. So make sure you are prompt and accurate in the information you provide us.

Typical status messages and what they mean

The following are examples:

  • MuM installation work status has now been changed to:
    1. No project - Awaiting client purchase order. -
    2. Pending - Awaiting details in Summary from client. - You need to complete the form at the end of Caliach MuM - How it Works. The project is on hold.
    3. Pending - incomplete Summary details. - The details needed in Caliach MuM - How it Works are incomplete. The project is on hold.
    4. Pending - inability to access client server. - We can not get on your server so the project is on hold.
    5. Pending - inability to access client server with sufficient privileges. - You need to escalate the privileges given to the user you have given us. The project is on hold.
    6. Work In Progress. - The MuM installation is underway, please wait.
    7. Completed. - The MuM installation is finished and you will receive invoices in due course.
  • Customization work status has now been changed to:
    1. Nothing outstanding. - There is no customization work currently to do.
    2. Pending - Awaiting client specification. - There is work requested but we are waiting for details from you before we can start.
    3. Pending - Awaiting client material. - The work requested is on hold awaiting something from you.
    4. Pending - Design analysis underway. - The work requested is in progress in the design stage.
    5. Work in Progress. Estimated NN programmer hours to complete. - The work requested is in progress and it is estimated to take the programmer NN hours of work to complete.
    6. Completed - Nothing outstanding. - The work requested is complete. There is now no further customization work to pending.

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