Step 16.29 Summary - What We Need from You

The following table is a summary of what we need from you for a “Trouble-Free” Installation when you decide to move to Caliach Vision MuM: Fill out the form in your Browser, typing over the examples provided, and File -- Print the page to a PDF destination and send it to NO DATA IS TRANSMITTED FROM THIS PAGE. Security-sensitive information, such as passwords, should be sent by SMS to +44 7443 303 281. Click here to view a form-only page alternative.

Important Note on Passwords: After months of cajoling, we are still getting sent ridiculous passwords that are either impossible to use or simply don't work. So as from 12th June we cannot use passwords set by client sites. Instead, Caliach will ISSUE YOU with a Site Caliach Password which you MUST use for all Caliach related server access. It will be specific to each site, is randomly generated, stored encrypted on our server and in the form 3389D51F7C55. It will be sent to you by Colin Robinson via SMS message. This applies to VPN and Remote Desktop. If need be, The Administrator password. (Marked with *SCP* below.)

Information Please provide...
Step 15.101 Caliach Vision license serial number
Step 15.102 Project Co-ordinator name
Step 15.103 Project Co-ordinator email address
Step 15.104 Project Co-ordinator SMS number for secure messages
Step 15.105a ExternalServer IP Address or public DNS name
what IP is used to address the server from anywhere on the Internet
Step 15.105b Internal Server IP Address (as seen by Caliach Vision running on the server itself)
typically or localhost
Step 15.105c Range of office LAN IP Addresses used by LAN users who will connect to your server
(typically -
Step 15.106 VPN operation details
Step 16.107 Remote Desktop access must be into Administrator account
Step 16.108 send password by SMS message to +44 7443 303 281 with text like "License 5xxxxxx Administrator password= *SCP* "
Step 15.109 If pre-V5, the datafile .df1 path on your server for each datafile set you want migrated to V5. Follow the path with a Caliach Vision version number that last attached the datafile. Follow that with a short name (lower case alphanumeric with no spaces which you want us to name the database in PostgreSQL). Note: more datafile sets will incur more costs under Full Site Support.
Step 15.110 If pre-V5, a Caliach Vision datafile User ID and Password with Administrator set
(so we can check/test the data)
Step 15.111 If pre-V5, the number of years you want to spread the customisation re-write and migration costs over as a per-user-per-month supplement (1-3 years or lump sum)
Step 15.112 If already V5, PostgreSQL postgres user password
Step 15.113 If already V5, Database name(s)
Step 15.114 If already V5, Server Folder path
Step 15.115 MuM Monitoring frequency in days (greater than 6)
Step 15.116 MuM Monitoring report recipient names (up to 3)
Step 15.117 MuM Monitoring report recipients User ID (up to 3)
Step 15.118 MuM Monitoring report recipient email addresses (up to 3)
Step 15.119 Should money values be redacted in MuM Monitoring reports to these recipients? (yes/no, up to 3)
Step 15.120 Any training needs you think you have
Finally, please put your name and sign here to confirm your agreement to maintain payments for the duration of the ‘customisation re-write and migration costs’ you have chosen above and to signify your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, as explained in this document.

PLEASE make sure your information is accurate and can be used by us to connect to your server over the internet. We recommend that you verify the accuracy of your information by using it yourself to try to connect from an external location? If it works for you, it should work for us? Then send a PDF printout of this form to

By snding these details to Caliach Ltd. you are agreeing to the conditions laid out for the MuM Service on this web site and giving us authority to implement the MuM Service on your Server.

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