Caliach Price List Changes August 2018

Applicable from 1st August 2018 - All prices in GBP

Caliach Vision Site Licences*

License elementUntil Aug 2018From Aug 2018
Extra company name2,5003,100
Per concurrent user1,5001,900

Caliach Vision Support*

Annual rate of site licence fee for pre-V515%16.5% †
Annual rate of site licence fee for V515%15%

* Note: The above pricing will apply for all support renewals invoiced on or after 1st August 2018. This does not apply to services.

† Note: 1.5% excess for due period will be refunded when upgraded to V5.

Managed User Monthly (MuM)

License element Per User per Month by total site users **
  1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36 +
Inventory 91.00 87.00 84.00 80.00 76.00 72.00 69.00 65.00
Manufacturing add 15.00 14.00 14.00 13.00 12.00 11.00 11.00 10.00
Ledgers add 10.00 9.00 9.00 8.00 8.00 7.00 7.00 6.00
Extra company name add 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.00 2.00
Invoiced in advance Annually Annually 6 monthly 6 monthly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly

** Note: The Managed user Monthly (MuM) service, see below, is under development, is for V5 only and will be subject to a new license agreement. Prices shown are indicative and will change before introduction. Migration from pre-V5 will be subject to additional fees. Self-Managed sites, who purchased a license, moving to MuM will receive an individual discount on MuM rates to ensure that they are not paying again for their already purchased site licenses.

Services (last amended 1st August 2016)

Senior Consultant on a daily basis 950950950
Senior Consultant on an hourly basis 150150150
Consultant on a daily basis 800800800
Consultant on an hourly basis 125125125
Travel time 50% of above50% of above50% of above

Self-Hosted and Self-Managed

As of June 2018 Caliach Vision sites are all operating conventionally, of which 32% are running the latest V5 client-server version or 39% of daily users. The conventional approach means the site buys a license, installs it on their own kit and manages it themselves with training from us. They then run it and maintain it on-site with some help from our subscription support service to a dedicated trained system manager. This Self-Hosted and Self-Managed approach is fine for larger sites that can afford qualified and trained staff and can invest in and maintain decent kit. They benefit from the resulting low cost-of-ownership. For smaller sites this is less appealing, especially when training is curtailed, as has been the case for the last decade (see the graph below).

Training History

This steep decline in training is partly economic following the 2007/8 crash and partly because the program is so good and well documented. The consequences of on-site knowledge decline has been made worse due to the introduction of V5 client-server as more skills are needed to manage such a 'industrial-strength' system.

Managed user Monthly (MuM) Solution

To address this we will be introducing, an entirely new approach for Caliach Vision V5. The MuM approach means Caliach will Manage the site installation to ensure it is operating at peak performance , is backed up properly and up-to-date in all respects. This is ideally done with a Hosted Solution in which both clients and server on a remote system accessible by your staff across the Internet through secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). This is well proven technology but it allows us then to manage your site installation with the following advantages (For details in how it works click here):

  • Rapid installation and ongoing upgrade service.
  • Monitoring and tuning of the server database engine (PostgreSQL) and upgrading when needed.
  • Backup reliability.
  • Support becomes much easier and responsive as support staff can see your issues with your data.
  • Upgrading needs no costly site visits.
  • You get the performance advantages of a powerful server and potentially shared resources.
  • Customization enhancements and re-licensing can be applied by us with no more Upgrade Via the Internet.
  • Remote training becomes possible.
  • As there is no difference with the software used you can switch at will between self-hosting and hosted-and-managed so when you grow you could move on to your own kit simply (charges may apply depending on history).
  • Highly mobile - users can be on any machine anywhere they are connected to the Internet, without the need for a Caliach Vision client installation.
  • Any equipment can be used that supports the VPN and RDP, including tablets and very old computers that don't have a sufficiently advanced operating system. Because processing is on our server, there is no load on the user's machine.

There are some limitations and disadvantages in comparison with a self-hosted approach:

  • Saving files such as Export or print to Disk/File/PDF go to the Server file system, not the user device/computer.
  • Each person that uses the program, as opposed to a logon user must be registered with us so they have their own account for a session on the server. Typically, someone wanting to get on has to connect the VPN (Virtual Private Network), launch a Remote Desktop (RDP) session, then launch Caliach Vision from the RDP session desktop, and logon to Vision in the normal way. 2 extra steps than self-hosting.
  • Site annual expense will typically be higher the more users you have. But that is mitigated by reductions in management cost.
  • ODBC and other program inter-operation may be more difficult.

The MuM offering can also apply to sites that want to retain an in-house configuration of server and distributed desktop PCs.

Requirements for MuM

Your server/hosting solution will need remote access, so a fixed IP and RDP Admin access for setup in the first instance by Caliach, and thereafter for testing. We would remotely verify your current setup, install PostgreSQL and Filezilla FTP Server (free FTP server software), making necessary security changes. The Filezilla Server would give secure remote file access to the parts of the server relevant to the operation and maintenance of Caliach Vision. These would include:

  • The Caliach Vision optServerFolder folder - to ensure customisation and upgrades are applied.
  • The Caliach Vision Client master copy folder - to maintain the client installation you copy onto new user's machines.
  • The backups (dumps) folder - to check database backups are successful and access them when needed (for support or customisation work).
  • The backup scripts folder - to maintain backup and vacuum scripts.
  • The PostgreSQL data folder - to maintain pg_hba.conf file for LAN database access and remote access for pgAdmin4.