Caliach Vision White Paper

A March 2013 technical paper on the future development of Caliach Vision post-V4 is available here.

Caliach Price List Changes May 2013

Applicable from 1st May 2013 - All prices in GBP

Caliach Vision Site Licences*

Extra company name2,500
Per concurrent user1,500

Caliach Vision Support*

Annual rate of site licence fee15%

CaliachMRP Support*

CaliachMRP sites will not be supported from 1st June 2014 and from that date our discount offer for migration to Caliach Vision will lapse. From our White Paper: "It is now very difficult for us to continue to support CaliachMRP sites. There are a few left. But it uses technology dating back 20 years or more and there is precious little now that we can do to help those when they have problems. As a result we will drop support for CaliachMRP sites at the end of May 2014, along with the opportunity for discounted migration to Caliach Vision. Basically, from June 2014 CaliachMRP sites will not have to pay support but they will be on their own! If they want to move to Caliach Vision with their discount intact they need to do it before June 2014, otherwise we cannot guarantee we can migrate your data and you will have to pay the full site license."

Services (amended 1st August 2016)

Senior Consultant on a daily basis 950
Senior Consultant on an hourly basis 150
Consultant on a daily basis 800
Consultant on an hourly basis 125
Travel time 50% of above


* Existing licensees only, from 1st May 2013, will receive an automatic 20% discount for licenses, or support renewals falling due, before 1st May 2014. This does not apply to services.