Caliach Training Courses

Caliach can schedule the following range of courses in Hillingdon, near London's Heathrow Airport.

Date Course title User objective
To be choosen Adhoc Reports and ODBC
for all users
To write a report from any file or set of files.
To be choosen MRP & Capacity Planning
for production controllers & factory managers
To manage MRP & capacity
To be choosen Report Customising
for system administrators & deputies
To design custom reports
To be choosen V3.00 Upgrade Workshop
for system administrators & technical users
Upgrade procedures and training on all new features
To be choosen Ledger Manager & Using Ledgers Efficiently
for account managers & users
To use full functionality of ledgers efficiently
To be choosen System Manager
for system administrators & deputies
To manage and maintain the system
To be choosen Processing Transactions
Introduction course on how to use the system to process orders
To process sales, purchase and work orders, and manage inventory

The courses marked 'To be choosen' will be presented determined by the demand of the first places booked. Once booked this web site will show the date of the next presentation. There are a couple of rules: No course subject will be repeated within a run of three dates. If you choose, you cannot cancel.

Registration for all courses is from 09.30 am for a prompt 10.00 am start. There will be break for lunch, which will be provided. While the course concludes formally at 4.30 pm, the Caliach trainer will be pleased to discuss related topics with students afterwards. Students will receive a copy of the trainer’s notes and slides for each course they attend.

Full payment of the course fee must be made to Caliach within ten days of the date of training. In the event of cancellation within five working days of the training course, the full fee is payable. 50% of the fee will be charged where cancellation occurs within five to 10 working days.

To reserve places on these courses, please call us on 01895 230203 to check availability, then complete the Registration Form and post or fax to Caliach Ltd. Caliach can also tailor these courses on other topics for individual companies — please call for details.