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Broadwater Mouldings Ltd

BEKA associates Ltd

Scott and Baldwin Ltd

Caliach Vision ERP - Case Studies

"Put simply, we could not have run the business as it is now without the software."

Matt Herbert, Managing Director, Broadwater Mouldings Ltd.

"In terms of value for money, Caliach Vision ERP has to be the best system on the market."

Steve Underwood, Finance Director, Brandenburg (UK) Ltd.

"The transition to Caliach Vision was much smoother than we expected "

Mark Roberts, Managing Director, J Roberts Bronze Components Ltd

"I perform the updates myself and can choose the automatic updates option from within the system. You don't need a technician to support Caliach Vision."

Fred Page-Roberts, Managing Director, Chalwyn Ltd.

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd

Broadwater Mouldings Ltd offers engineering solutions in the manufacture of GRP mouldings and assemblies, supported by a 15 user Caliach Vision system including financials and manufacturing planning.

"Caliach Vision has proven to be reliable and scalable - we have developed and integrated both what we do and how we do it with the system over the past eight years."

In 2012 the Ledges licence option was introduced, and business accounting transferred from head office to the main factory, integrated with the manufacturing data.

"Credit control has improved, cash flow is now well managed and proper management of supplier payments has allowed us to agree improved terms with several key suppliers."

Performance measurement is crucial to the business, and considerable effort has gone into developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over the last three years, with data derived from the system. Version 4 of Caliach Vision introduces new data collection and visual display tools to help automate and integrate this process.

"I am keen to roll out V4 so that that we can automate more of the KPIs. I also want to leverage that functionality to achieve increased discipline around inventory and work order processing."

"We have looked at other ERP offerings over the years, but found none that can better Caliach [Vision] overall at a similar cost."

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Brandenburg (UK) Ltd

Brandenburg (UK) Ltd uses the entire suite of Vision applications to manage its business manufacturing insect light traps, which it sells worldwide.

"Vision was very easy to install," says Steve Underwood, Finance Director, who describes himself as a computer literate accountant. "We don't have a dedicated IT specialist and we find Vision easy to maintain."

"Support from Caliach is very, very good and the facility to download updates from the Internet works well. We're very pleased with it."

Vision users are spread throughout the company - in the press shop, in production planning and accounts. Some of the biggest benefits Brandenburg singles out are the ability to view multiple windows and the enhanced handling of ledgers.

"Bigger systems can't do half of what Caliach Vision does," says Underwood. "In terms of value for money, Caliach Vision has to be the best system on the market."

Chalwyn Ltd

Chalwyn Ltd manufactures and supplies a range of products providing protection for diesel engines. As an Apple Macintosh user, Chalwyn selected Caliach Vision because of its compatibility with major operating systems, including Windows, Apple and Linux.

"Caliach have developed Vision from a manufacturing and engineering background and addressed all the quality and stock issues," says Fred Page-Roberts, Managing Director.

"Caliach Vision is superb for managing stock control - you can batch parts and track them when you sell them. It's foolproof and feels really secure."

Page-Roberts is particularly impressed with the 'phantom parts' feature, which enables existing parts to be bundled together for special deals. The phantom is shown as one line, but takes out of stock all the various parts that comprise the bundle.

"We can sell a pressure test plug and Caliach Vision will allocate all the parts automatically, notify any shortages and produce a picking list for the works. The phantom parts feature saves having to build lots of different products which get put into stock waiting to be sold."

"In one product group alone, this has helped reduced stock levels from £50,000 to £32,000. Because Caliach Vision is integrated it gives you the benefit of being able to analyse stock and sales, enabling us to make better decisions about re-ordering - that's where we are really pleased with it."

Page-Roberts singles out the capability to produce marketing mailshots, which can be customised with the company typeface and are automatically recorded in the customer details of every recipient - simplifying the tracking of marketing activity. All reports can also be customised, enabling users to produce the information they require in the format they prefer.

But with such a comprehensive system, doesn't it need a lot of support? "There's nothing really to support," says Page-Roberts. "I perform the updates myself and can choose the automatic updates option from within the system. You don't need a technician to support Caliach Vision."

J Roberts Bronze Components Ltd

With a requirement for an Enterprise Resource Planning system capable of handling all aspects of its business, specialist bearings manufacturer, J Roberts Bronze Components Ltd finds Caliach Vision the ideal solution.

Selecting a 10-user system, every department in the company uses Caliach Vision, including shopfloor, production control, quality control, stores, despatch, administration and finance.

"Caliach Vision is a single software suite covering everything across the factory, so there's never any danger of one system failing to talk to another system" says Managing Director, Mark Roberts. "It's very versatile and cross references everything, so there is no duplication of data anywhere in the company."

J Roberts upgraded from CaliachMRP to Vision to take advantage of its state-of-the-art technology.

"The biggest advantage is being able to open multiple windows, such as sales orders, stock control and work plans. Instead of having to jump backwards and forwards, you can have them all open at the same time," adds Roberts. "Navigation is also very easy - you can right click or double-click on an item and drill down into other features straight away."

Other features which are benefiting J Roberts include enhanced security settings which enable the company to fine tune individual levels of access to specific data and allow more data to be made available to the factory shopfloor without revealing sensitive commercial information.

Caliach Vision even provides an internal email system which J Roberts uses for messaging and can be updated with new versions from the Caliach web site or from within Vision itself.

"The transition to Caliach Vision was much smoother than we expected," concludes Roberts. "It took several days to install and the rest of the week to get used to it, but once everyone got up to speed they liked using it."