Team Calendar Notifications

Team Calendar Notifications

The Notification users and groups or resources (see also Team Calendar Type and Resource Maintenance.) will be sent notices of event changes.

Every time the Team Calendar is opened, a check is made on whether there are any unacknowledged notifications for the user. If there are this window will open and list all existing notifications for the user.

Within the list of notifications you can select notifications and use the toolbar tools to accept or decline any event resource invitations. More normally though, you can acknowledge the notifications. This is a speedy way to dispose of the notifications and automatically accept any unaccepted and not declined invitations. The acceptance of invitations only takes place if you have at least status permissions for the associated resource.

Selecting a notification in the list will select the event in the calendar, if the event is shown in the calendar.



Notification List

List of all notifications that have been sent to you as a consequence of event additions and changes made by others where you are a notify member of an assigned resource.

Notification date and time

Team Calendar Event Notices. Date and time notification was made. {EVNFILE.EVNDATE date datetime}

Notification Message

Team Calendar Event Notices. Notice message. {EVNFILE.EVNMESS char 1000}

Event Title

Team Calendar Events. Event title. {EVEFILE.EVETITL char 60}

Event Detail

Team Calendar Events. Event details. {EVEFILE.EVEDETA char 100000000}







Click to acknowledge the selected notifications and delete the notices. If each resource invitation has not been accepted and you have status privileges, the invitation will be accepted.

Accept Invitation

Accept Invitation

Click to accept invitations for the selected events. You must have status privileges for the resource for the invitation to be accepted.

Decline Invitation

Decline Invitation

Click to decline invitations for the selected events. You must have status privileges for the resource for the invitation to be declined.

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