Is the demo software a rolling demo?

No the demonstration is exactly the same software as the full system, but restricted in the number of parts, etc. that can be held in the data file.

How do I install the full Caliach Vision?

You must obtain a license from us first. To do this click on the Print License Order Form button on the Caliach Vision Demonstration window when entering or leaving the Caliach Vision Demo software.

Fill out the Order Form and Registration that is available in the demo software (click on the button that says Print Order on the window that opens after logging into the demo) and scan and send it to us at . We will then send you a License Authentication and once you have it, you can install the full Caliach Vision system.

How do I know if installation was successful?

Firstly, if there has been an error in installing the system, you will be notified by the installer software. If there has been no error reported, all the appropriate files will have been installed on your hard disk. On Windows there will be a CaliachVisionDemo-5.10-x64 (or x86) folder on your C drive (unless you changed the location during installation), or CaliachVisionDemo-5.10 folder in Applications on Macintosh. On Windows, if you cannot see the folder within Windows Explorer, operate Refresh from the View menu. There will also have been Start Menu items items created (an Apple menu entry on Macintosh).

How do I get in – it’s asking for a User ID?

Use SYS for the User ID with no password to get into any of the training data files supplied with the demo software.

How do I know I am in Caliach Vision?

When you launch Caliach Vision Demo, a background window will open with a dialog on top in which you must enter a User ID. Use SYS with no password. Once the program has initialized you will have File, Edit, Masters, Process, Ledgers, ScratchPad and Help menus on the menu bar. You navigate around Caliach Vision using these menus. The demo software is NOT a rolling slide show, it is the full Caliach Vision software with data limitations.

Can I use data I have entered into the demo when I get the full system?

Yes. Don’t however exceed the data record limitations of the demo software, as this will prevent you from accessing the data file with the demo software (but not the full system).

Can someone come to me to discuss our needs?

Telephone Caliach and ask to speak to one of our sales staff. If appropriate, we can arrange a visit to your site to investigate your particular needs and discuss how Caliach Vision can support your operations.

How can Caliach Vision solve my business problems?

Telephone Caliach and ask to speak to one of our operational consultants. There is no charge and our staff will be glad to help.

Can I visit a company that has been using Caliach Vision?

Telephone or email Caliach and our sales staff will be pleased to arrange a visit, if appropriate.