Vision is a state-of-the-art ERP system for managing all aspects of a manufacturing enterprise. It creates a disciplined environment in which your decisions concerning supply and demand are fully supported by fact.

The comprehensive management information provided by Vision can achieve dramatic improvements in overall business performance in every size of organisation.

Global businesses benefit from full multi-country, multi-currency and multi-lingual data. Language Swap is a unique system for accomodating multiple language environments.

A practical tool for day-to-day management, Vision combines comprehensive features with ease-of-use. Its class-leading user interface and integrated Internet tools create the definitive, future-proof platform for the smart manufacturing executive in the 21st Century.

Vision is also easy to support and can be maintained and upgraded without the need for dedicated technical staff.

Vision system description

Caliach Vision is closed-loop system using an advanced relational database management environment and object-oriented rapid application design framework.

Put simply, this means that all your business data is held in a central data file and that all company activity, such as raising orders, receiving goods and completing work operations, is recorded in this data file as it happens.

With a central storage and retrieval system, information from all areas of your business can be made available throughout the organisation, subject to access privileges which you choose to grant each user.

This combines practical levels of data visibility with your required degree of security, plus it enables awareness of other departmental activities and commitments, so that users can see how their decisions impact on the business as a whole.

With Vision’s closed-loop management disciplines, you are well on the way to true manufacturing excellence.

For more information, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Benefits of Vision

  • Better inventory management with lower stock levels and reduced stock-outs.
  • Improved customer service with better delivery reliability and consistent quality.
  • More accurate costing and secure pricing.
  • Improved productivity and better utilisation of internal and external sources.
  • Better and speedier response to change.
  • Total business condition visibility.
  • Achieves cost efficiencies in a short payback period.

Vision features in detail

Caliach Vision offers a comprehensive range of features summarised below. For in-depth descriptions of specific features, click on the diagram to display the full range of features and select a button for a detailed explanation.

Caliach Vision combines a new class-leading user interface, integrated Internet tools, enhanced security and advanced planning link to create the definitive easy-to-use, feature-rich and future-proof platform for today’s smart manufacturing executive.

  • An intuitive user interface ergonomically designed for maximum productivity.
  • Intelligent help and comprehensive screen tips for every active visual object.
  • Context-sensitive, pull-down hierarchical function menus throughout.
  • Data entry and reviews using over 460 colour windows.
  • User-configurable favourite functions navigator. Universal pop-up interactive calculators on quantity & date fields.
  • System activities arranged logically by task.
  • Open and use most windows simultaneously with any number of others.
  • Unrivalled, universal context-sensitive capability to drill-down for detailed data.
  • Carefully chosen data entry and review object types including tree lists, spreadsheet-like data grids, headed lists, drop-down and combo lists, progress bars and sliders.
  • Data listings can be sorted by any column and column widths re-sized to suit.
  • Window position and size, list column widths and other characteristics are remembered every time a window closes.
  • Scratchpads for parts, customers, suppliers and accounts make selection easy.
  • Intuitive data entry through extensive use of drag-and-drop.
  • All reports can be sent to the printer, preview, screen, clipboard, spool to disk, HTML and RTF files and as direct email via the Internet.
  • Textual data can be translated into any number of languages supported by Unicode characters. Reports and documents can then be produced in any of thouse languages using a unique Language Swap system.
  • Extensive options for reporting and listing data including custom searches, integrated custom designs, Ad Hoc reports, ODBC external data access, and more.
  • Unlimited group and user security, implemented at menu line and window tab pane level.
  • Operates under Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh 32 bit operating systems.
  • Multi-platform in a mixed environment, supporting standard local area networks or wide area using thin client technologies such as NT Terminal Server Edition.
  • Entirely implemented in a high-performance relational database management system – every customer site supplied with programming tools to extend system capabilities.

For full functional details of the system, review the Features section.