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Standard Texts: – Standard Texts Menu

– Standard Texts Menu

Standard Texts Menu

Use this menu to choose which standard text library you wish to review/maintain. All menu functions operate on the Standard Text Maintenance window.




Engineering Standard Text

Selects the Standard Engineering Text library.


Purchasing Standard Text

Selects the Standard Purchasing Text library.


Sales Standard Text

Selects the Standard Sales Text library.


Works Standard Text

Selects the Standard Works Text library.


Print Where-Used Report

Provides a report for the currently selected Standard Text or library of texts showing where each is used elsewhere in the system.

Warning WARNING: Where-Used reports can take a very long time to process as in most occasions text code fields are not indexed. This means the entire file has to be scanned to identity occurrences.


Standard Texts

Throughout the system there are two ways of having variable length text associated with a record. For example, special sales order text that is assigned to a particular customer.

Text specific to just one customer can be entered in the individual text field for this customer. However, text is often common across several customers. To repetitively enter this would be tedious, very wasteful in disc space and will increase the processing necessary in accessing customer records when the texts are not needed.

Alternatively, text common to several file records, such as a number of customers, can be entered once in the Standard Text file and given a code. A code can be up to 4 uppercase alphanumeric characters. Each customer can then be assigned the code within the standard text code field. There is one file for all Standard Texts, however texts within it are coded into separate libraries for Engineering, Purchasing, Sales and Works use. This arrangement makes system text maintenance significantly easier.

Coded text can be used for the following:



Engineering text

Bill of materials – Structure comment
Engineering data – Engineering description

Purchasing text

Delivery details – Purchase Order delivery instructions
Parts – Purchase Order item extra text
Suppliers – Purchase Order header text

Sales text

Customers – Sales Order and Jobs header text
Parts – Sales Order or Job item extra text

Works text

Parts – Work order assembly extra text
Process Routes – Operation instruction

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