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Manager Controls: Make and Buy Calendar Maintenance

Make and Buy Calendar Maintenance

Make and Buy Calendar Maintenance

The calendars are used by the system in MRP, capacity planning and financial forecasting. They are also used to keep records of supplier delivery sales dispatch and works completion performance. Two calendars have to be maintained by the System Manager. Calendars is selected from the File — System Manager menu to gain access to calendar maintenance.

The calendars, if changes are made, will only be saved to disk when you operate the Save button. You will only be permitted to save the changes if you are the only user on the data file. This prevents different users working on different calendars. Only change calendars if you are confident that you are, or will be, the only user when you exit.

The Make calendar identifies the active production days of your business – factory open days. MRP assumes that all active Make days are available for production. The Buy calendar is similar but applies to suppliers and purchasing lead times. The Make and Buy calendars are maintained on one window. When you enter the window the calendars are prepared as a grid list. The calendar can then be reviewed. Make and Buy active days are indicated with checkboxes.

The Extend By One Month function automatically extends the calendar for a calendar month making selected days of the week active Make and Buy days. By using the checkboxes you choose the days of the week. The extension of the calendar takes place from the last date on the list and can not extend beyond 2 years from today’s date. The extent of the calendar will determine the extent of forward planning within MRP. No planning is carried out on dates other than active dates within the calendars.

Warning WARNING: Do not over extend the calendars. The performance of many processes in the program are affected by the extent of the calendars. Calendars can not be reduced in extent, once saved to disk.

The Save function automatically clears unused dates at the start of the calendar. It clears any dates prior to the earliest date of any Production Plan item, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Job or Work Order.

When saved, the calendar is re-sequenced which can take time. Do not interrupt this process. If interrupted re-enter and make a further change and then save again. Successful re-sequencing is necessary for correct forecasting operations.

Warning WARNING: You can only save the revised calendar if you are the only user connected to the data file.



Active Days Grid

Shows the contents of the Make and Buy calendar. Every day in the range is included. Checked dates under the Make or Buy column are active.


Extend Calendar

Active Days

Check the days that are active for Manufacturing (Make Days) or Purchasing (Buy Days).



Extend By One Month

This button will extend the calendar by one month, making the days checked below active.


This will print a listing of the saved calendar. Right-click to select report destination.


This will recover the last saved calendar.


This will save the calendar after removing any old unnecessary entries.

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Jun 2012 04:49:00.00. Class wCalendar last modified 18 Feb 2015 01:54:36.

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