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Financial Planning: Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast

Financial planning uses inventory, order, invoice, and MRP Results to provide a quasi Cash Flow Analysis of the Sales Income and Purchase outgoing expenditure. It does not calculate labour or overhead costs. It only provides a cash analysis on direct material transactions.

When you operate the menu function or operate the Run Analysis Again button you open the Financial Planning Selection window in which you can choose options for the analysis.

Warning WARNING: Financial Forecasting functions are not available to those who only have licensed the Inventory version of the program.

The window has 2 tab panes.

Results Listing 

Results Listing

Cash Flow Forecast

This pane shows the results in a list form.



Results List

Lists all days, or end of week days, in the forecast horizon. Shows calculated cash flow values.

Total Profit

The total profit calculated during the forecast. This does not include any consideration of Labour and Overhead expenses incurred.

Settings and options

The criteria selected which forms the basis of the cash flow calculations in the listings.



Print Results

To print a report of the results.

Export Results

To export the results as tab-delimited text for analysis in other programs.

Run Analysis Again

To run another analysis with alternative options. It opens the Financial Planning Selection window.

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Cash Flow Forecast

Shows the results graphically using the Graphs subwindow.

Linux Sun Solaris LINUX and SUN SOLARIS ONLY: Graphing is not supported on terminals using the Linux or Sun Solaris operating systems.



Selected Lines Only

Check to show only the selected dates in the list.

Start Date slider

To adjust the start of dates shown. The range is from the beginning date on the list up to the date 95% through the list.

Extent slider

To adjust the extent of the dates shown. The range is from the 5% to 100% of the number of dates in the list.

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