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General Program Functions: Navigator Entry Details

Navigator Entry Details

Navigator Entry Details

This window operates interactively with the Navigator window when it is in Setup Mode.

When a Favourite is added to a Topic during Navigator setup, default icons, context menus and help are provided from the program. In this window you can amend these defaults and add extra help which will be seen during normal Navigator operation.

Additional Topics can be added and an Icon set for it. There are a number of icons available, the first 64 of which are stored in the C:Program FilesRainingDataOS???iconsnewicons.df1 file in your Omnis Studio program installation. If they are missing, that file will be missing from your installation.



Topic Icon

Illustrations of the Topic Icon.

Topic Name

The title of the topic.

Context Menu

You can choose a context menu that will operate on the topic.

Tip TIP: The options available here are essentially a list of menus and submenus that have lines equal to those of the Functions available as shortcuts in the Navigator. However, there are additional menus listed at the bottom that can be applied as context menus, even though their functions are unavailable as shortcuts. These can most usefully be applied to the Topics where, on the Navigator, right-clicking on the Topic icon or help text will provide the selected Topic context menu.

Topic Help

Instructional help for the topic selected.

Function Name

The name of the function.

Context Menu

You can choose a context menu that will operate on the function.

Function Help

Instructional help for the function selected.

Icon List

Icons available. Drag from here to apply the icon to the topic or function. A context menu enables you to switch from displaying Small and Large sized icons in the list.



Add Topic

Click to add a new topic. You can delete a topic or a function in the Navigator window with the Delete key.

Apply Default Function Icon

Click to apply the default icon for this function.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 17 May 2012 05:10:00.00. Class wNavSetup last modified 18 Feb 2015 01:54:45.

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