What manufacturing management system do I need?

Manufacturing management systems have evolved in stages over the past 30 years from a simple means of calculating materials requirements to the automation of an entire enterprise.


In the 1970s material requirement planning (MRP) was developed as a mechanism for manufacturing companies to calculate more precisely what materials they required, at what time and in optimum quantities.


Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) evolved from MRP, because many companies realised that as well as the need to calculate their material requirements precisely, they also required detailed capacity planning, scheduling, shop floor control and other calculations.

MRPII introduced the closed-loop model, which uses a centrally held data file to record, monitor and report on various company activities. By comparing forecasts with actual data, companies can analyse performance and improve processes to achieve better efficiency.

CaliachMRP is Caliach’s established MRPII system for managing core manufacturing activities


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) developed MRPII even further to embrace all business functions, not just those concerned with actual manufacturing. ERP encompasses materials planning, efficient production, profitability, customer satisfaction – almost every aspect of business.

ERP also incorporates the principles of global supply chain management, in which the value of every activity in the supply chain is analysed, along with the growing development of Internet or web-enabled procurement.

Caliach Vision is a state-of-the-art ERP system for managing all aspects of a manufacturing enterprise.