Manufacturing Management

Today’s manufacturing businesses operate in an environment of constant and high-speed change where the ability to adapt quickly and effectively has become essential for success. Management judgments assume critical importance as customers develop ever higher expectations of competitive price, improved delivery, excellent quality and exceptional performance. To compete effectively in global markets, it is essential that manufacturing businesses of all sizes exploit the new manufacturing management information and decision support systems available to them.

Caliach Vision is a fully integrated manufacturing management system specifically designed to be easy to use and implement. It creates a disciplined environment in which decisions concerning supply and demand are fully supported by fact. The comprehensive management information provided by Caliach Vision can achieve dramatic improvements in overall business performance in every size of organisation, from the smallest upwards.

Caliach Vision is a closed-loop system using an advanced relational database management environment and object-oriented rapid application design framework. Put simply, this means that all your business data is held in a central data file and that all company activity, such as raising orders, receiving goods and completing work operations, is recorded in this data file as it happens. With a central storage and retrieval system, information from all areas of the business can be made available throughout your organisation, subject to access privileges which you choose to grant each user. This combines practical levels of data visibility with your required degree of security, plus it enables awareness of other departmental activities and commitments, so that users can see how their decisions impact on the business as a whole. With closed-loop management disciplines, you are well on the way to true manufacturing excellence.

  • Better inventory management with lower stock levels and reduced stock-outs.
  • Improved customer service with better delivery reliability and consistent quality.
  • More accurate costing and secure pricing.
  • Improved productivity and better utilisation of internal and external resources.
  • Better and speedier response to change.
  • Total business condition visibility.
  • Achieves cost efficiencies in a short payback period.