Facilitating Manufacturing Software
Processes for over 30 Years.

Caliach has an international reputation for excellence, providing
high quality manufacturing software products and responsive customer service.

Caliach Vision is a fully integrated manufacturing management system specifically designed to be easy to use and implement. It creates a disciplined environment which fully supports all decisions concerning supply and demand.

Caliach Ltd. has been serving the needs of manufacturing SME’s consistently since 1990 with only one change in ownership in 2020. The company’s mission is, and will remain, the application of appropriate technologies to help SME’s achieve manufacturing excellence through practical, affordable management software and associated services. Manufacturing specialists are employed throughout to ensure this mission is executed effectively.

The comprehensive information provided by Caliach Vision can achieve dramatic improvements in overall business performance in every size of organisation, from the smallest upwards.

International reputation for:

  • Excellence
  • Highest quality products
  • Responsive customer service
  • Solid reliability
  • Diverse manufacturing management software background
  • Distributed worldwide (with more than 80% based in the UK)

Our aim is to exploit the latest technology to deliver simple, powerful, affordable business management software.”

Product release – currently running version 6.0
At least half of all development inputs come from user feedback to further improve experience and adapt to ongoing changes.

An Evolving ERP


Launched Caliach MRP

Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


Released Caliach Vision Manufacturing
Management Software

Fully integrated state-of-the-art, manufacturing management system.

using manufacturing management software

Released Caliach Vision V4.00

Unique language Swap system for the global market.


Released Caliach Vision V4.10

Dynamic Programme Language Change.


Released Caliach Vision V5

Industrial-strength client-server SQL backend database PostgreSQL.


Released Caliach Vision V6

Completely modern upgrade to the existing software.

manufacturing management software

Mobile and API extensions

Release of ‘Vision Mobile’ Warehouse applications and API integrations for Xero and Dynamics.

using manufacturing management software