Demo Software

Demo Software FAQs

Is the demo software a rolling demo?

The demonstration is exactly the same software as the full system, but restricted in the number of parts, etc. that can be held in the data file.

How do I install the full Caliach Vision?

Email us at for details

How do I get in – it’s asking for a User ID?

Use SYS for the User ID with no password to get into any of the training data files supplied with the demo software.

How do I know I am in Caliach Vision?

When you launch Caliach Vision Demo, a background window will open with a dialog on top in which you must enter a User ID. Use SYS with no password. Once the program has initialized you will have File, Edit, Masters, Process, Ledgers, ScratchPad and Help menus on the menu bar. You navigate around Caliach Vision using these menus. The demo software is NOT a rolling slide show, it is the full Caliach Vision software with data limitations.

Can I use data I have entered into the demo when I get the full system?

Yes. Don’t however exceed the data record limitations of the demo software, as this will prevent you from accessing the data file with the demo software (but not the full system).

Language Edition FAQs

Is Caliach Vision in languages other than English?

Caliach Vision V4.00 onwards fully supports all Unicode characters and has been designed to operate independently of the language seen by the user. Any language can be supported in both the program and the data you can enter. As standard Caliach is available in the following languages:
English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.
However, it can be translated into any other language as well. If there one you need, just contact us and we can take it from there.

Can I try out a Caliach Vision in languages other than English?

Yes, you will find all supported languages in the Demonstration software. Both Windows and Mac are fully operational full dynamic translations of the program and Training Data with extra language help you can choose to download at the install stage. There are no payment or registration requirements, it is ready-to-go with only record limitations.

Does Caliach charge for Languages other than English?

No, our current policy is that you are free to use our languages to meet your needs as long as this is a language we already support. There may be a charge for other languages.

Can I run in more that one language?

Yes, you just install the program and all supported languages and available to switch to in seconds. You can set a default language to start the program in. You need to settle on a single main data language so that information is consistent throughout the business. But with the Language Swap feature you can have multiple swap languages for your data where needed. So you can have, for example, some English and some Korean program users so appropriate speakers have full use of the system, then have your data based in English but have Language Swap languages of French, German and Thai. The combinations are unlimited. For example our Training and Demonstration data file set has 11 swap languages, which are moved around for each install language. The language in reports can also be automatically or manually changed according to your needs.