ERP System Packages and Support

Service Level Features and Benefits

License Only License & Support Full Support
Package Type
Core Module – Inventory
Manufacturing (optional add on)
Ledgers (optional add on)
Bug Fixes
Support Hours
Additional Support Hourly Charge
Remote Training Hours/yr
On Site Training Days/yr
Additional Training Daily rate for onsite.
Hourly charge for remote.
Customised Report Hours/yr
Custom Window hrs/yr
Additional Customisation Hourly Charge
Enhanced Services
Caliach Database Backup POA POA
MTD Plugin for Ledgers POA POA POA
Caliach Consultancy POA POA
System Maintenance POA POA
IT Consultancy POA POA
Caliach Hosting in Datacentre POA
Caliach System Manager POA
IT Managed Service POA

POA: Price on application.

Services Definitions

Service Level Features and Benefits Explained for our ERP System Packages


Bug Fixes

An issue / error within the program which we will do our best to quickly resolve.


This involves resolving issues that are not bugs within the actual program, or providing support based on specific customer requirements. This can include:

  • Resolving issues due to user error
  • Recovering lost data
  • Examining your system to provide business advice and processes or solutions based on your requirements
  • Please note: If the issue ends up being a bug, there will be no charge to fix it.

Additional Support

Extra support required over and above your allocated monthly allowance.


Teaching you how to use features of the programme. This can include:

  • Training new staff on using the Caliach system
  • Running ad hoc searches or specific user queries
  • Training users on certain functions and certain areas (e.g. inventory, logistics)
  • Training on how to prevent common user errors

Remote training: Phone, email and live online training.

Onsite: A Caliach Consultant comes to your premises for product training.


Customised Reports

Personalising printable reports.

Custom Window

This includes any windows to be created, adapted or personalised.


Extra customisation required over and above your allocated monthly allowance.

Enhanced Services

Database Backup

Caliach’s proprietary backup software is available as an add-on, with hosted online storage available as an optional service.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Plugin for Ledgers

HMRC authorised VAT plugin for MTD.

Caliach Consultancy, this can include:

  • Advanced Setup & Training
  • Business Expansion
  • Mobile App for Warehouse

System Maintenance -Database Health Check 

Caliach can do the following tailored to your requirements:

  • Consultation to clarify what needs to be done.
  • Making sure your database is clean

All work can be completed out of business hours to avoid disruption. For e.g., we can take a copy of your database on a Friday and return it clean and ready on Monday. 

IT Consultancy

A full audit or strategy review for your business’s, including connectivity, data security, endpoint management, databases and cloud strategy. Our assessment covers:

  • An overview of your data strategy and existing IT infrastructure
  • Understanding your unique business requirements
  • Review of your current security measures and GDPR compliancy

The audit will provide recommendations for streamlining measures, ensuring both your business and IT operations run in the most effective way possible.

Caliach Hosting in Datacentre

At Caliach, we have invested heavily in our own datacentre implementation. This  allows our customers to have confidence in the accessibility, security and privacy of your business data. Users can safely log in from anywhere in the world without the need of an office server.

Caliach System Manager

A dedicated Caliach Account Manager to be your administrator and manage your system for you. This includes managing privileges and settings, adding / removing rights for users, and implementing changes and defining categories.

IT Managed Service

Phone, remote and on-site support for IT related queries and issues, including: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Microsoft 365
  • PC or MAC desktops and laptops, and virtual or physical servers
  • Off-site anti-spam filtering and local antivirus
  • Networking devices, wireless access points, routers, switches and printers.