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Advanced Functions: Report Class Setup

Report Class Setup

The window has 2 tab panes.

Margins and Page Setup 


Report Class Setup - Listing pane

This window pane provides a list of all program report classes including any custom classes that have been brought in using the Change Management System. The orientation column shows either kOrientPortrait or kOrientLandscape being Portrait and Landscape respectively.

You can modify margins and Page Setups for specific reports on the other tab pane.

The list shows the library in which the report class is stored. If, prior to opening the window, you first operate the File — Advanced — Custom Features Utility function, also listed will be all reports in all libraries opened. This is useful when perfecting a design or applying PDF settings to custom report designs that, in due course will be distributed with the Change Management System.

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Margins and Page Setup

Report Class Setup - Margins and Page Setup pane

Enables you to set individual report margins and page setups.



Report class list

Select the reports (can be more than one) that you want to change the settings for.


You can adjust the margins to suit. Use measurements in centimetres.


Set to Portrait or Landscape. Default is not useful.

Paper Width

The width of the selected paper stock.

Paper Length

The length of the selected paper stock.


The default copes on each report print run.


The printing scale, when supported. Minimum 25%, maximum 400%.

Page sizes list

The standard page sizes available. The Default Paper which is the default for most reports means that the report will use whatever page size you have set in the File — Page Setup dialog.



PDF Settings for Selected

Use this button to setup specific settings for printing to PDF that will apply to the selected reports. If the first report in your selection does not have specific settings already, the default will be offered, otherwise the settings of the first will be offered.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 17 May 2012 04:56:00.00. Class wReportSetups last modified 23 Sep 2017 10:51:05.

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