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Sales Order: Part Sales Information    


The system will build a list of the selected part and the two parts above and below it in number sequence. Full sales information is available when you select a line in the list. The list can be extended up or down by clicking on the appropriate buttons. The list can also be printed.

The window shows any quantity pricing and applies any specific pricing that may be in a Customer-Parts records. Where such records apply an * symbol will prefix the word “Base” in the detailed pricing when selected.

File Path

Process > Sales Orders > Review Parts Sales Data…

This file path takes you to the Parts Sales Information window.

Parts List

Shows part pricing details for the selected customer. Use the buttons below to extend the list either side of the numbers currently showing.

Detailed Pricing of Selected Part

This area shows a price matrix for the selected part giving up to four quantity price breaks. Each price break shows the following:


The pricing regime.

List Price

The list price for the selected part.

Discount class.

Discount Class

Discount Amount

Discount percent applicable.

Sales Price

Sales price exclusive of any tax.

Tax net

Tax rate applicable.


Amount of tax applicable.

Price with Taxes

Sales price inclusive of tax.

Extend List with Previous button

To give three more part numbers preceding the first one on the list.

Extend List with Next button

To extend the list with a further three part numbers on the end of the list.

Build New List button

To make a new customer and part number selection for a listing. It opens the Customer Part Selection window.

See also:Customer Part Selection

Compiled in Program Version 6.00.  Help date last modified on 27 February 2024

Class wsalesplist (Part Sales Information) last modified 25 May 2022 FP: Process > Sales Orders > Review Parts Sales Data…

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