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Data Transfer: System Fields

System Fields

System Fields

This window gives access to the data dictionary of the system. It is accessible from the File — Advanced — Data Transfer Utility menu function followed by Data Transfer — System Fields menu function.

The window contains a list of Files. A list of fields is shown on the right of the window when a file line is selected.



File List

List of all file classes in the program. The list shows the state of the file which can be one of the following:

  • readwrite = data is stored in the datafile and is currently in read and write mode (usually only when in the process of updating).
  • readonly = data is stored in the datafile and is currently in read only mode (the normal state).
  • memory = data is only held in global memory and never stored in the datafile.
  • closed = data is not currently not available in memory (usually used where the data slot is in a temporarily opened datafile such as the CMS system).

Field List

List of all fields (or columns) in the selected file class. The list shows all the characteristics of the fields. The Column number is significant when it comes to import and export.



Print Listing for Selected

Prints a report listing fields for all files selected in the list. Right-click to change the report destination.

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