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Ledgers Nominal or General Ledger: General Ledger Account Structure Tree

General Ledger Account Structure Tree

General Ledger Account Structure Tree

This window shows the accounts in report structure tree-list form. The report structure is set in the Ledgers — Manager — Report Structure General Ledger Report Structure Maintenance window.

Expanding the tree, either by clicking on the list expand icons or using the button functions below the list, shows the report structure and then the account groups and below that the individual accounts for the group’s associated cost centres. Once you have expanded to a group level the values and totals will be added to the display. Different colours are used to assist in showing the levels and totals are shown bold.

Note Account groups as such do not have descriptions themselves. But in this tree list they are given the description of the first cost centre account. Where that description contains a ‘ -‘ (space then dash) it will be truncated at that point. This is useful if your convention is, say, Telephones – Sales, Telephone – Admin, etc. for cost centres in a group.




Click on Change Options to choose an alternative data selection for the colours and values shown.

Accounts Tree

General Ledger report structure. Expand to view associated accounts.



Change Options

Click to collapse the entire tree, clear totals and make a choice of alternative options. This will open the General Ledger Account Structure Tree Options window.

Expand Tree

Click to expand the entire tree. Operating this button on a collapsed tree will expand the entire report structure down to only the report line level. Clicking on it further will expand the first report line from the currently selected line (or the start if you do not select a line). Therefore, using it repeatedly will incrementally populate the entire tree to a group level and show the total values. To view the individual account cost centres, you need to expand them individually in the list.

Fully Expand Tree

Click to expand the entire tree and drill-down to accounts to calculate the totals. This is similar to the Expand Tree button, but takes the expansion on to a group level so that all value totals are calculated.

Collapse Tree

Click to collapse the entire tree.

Print Tree

Will cause a report to be printed of the subject matter. Right-click to change the report destination.

Note Line text colours controlled from the Options button will apply to the standard printed report.

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