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Data Views: Data View Data Collection History Maintenance

Data View Data Collection History Maintenance

Data View Data Collection History Maintenance window

This window is used to manage Data View data collection history and opens from the Manage History button on the Advanced tab of the Data View Maintenance window.

For more details of data view data collection history see the discussion in Introduction to Data Views.

The important information related to the data collection is the language, the collection date and time, the date and time that it expires as a cache record, the date and time it ceases being active and hence updated with a new data view collection, the date after which the history record will be automatically deleted and, finally, the ledgers accounting period it was collected in.

Within the list you can change the date/time values manually using the click-hover technique. You can also change the Ledger Period to a valid descriptor. If your entry is invalid it will overwrite with the last descriptor on file. If you blank the date for Delete after you will change it to the extreme date/time, so it will never be deleted.

You can also delete an unwanted history record by selecting the list line and clicking on the Delete Selected button.

Finally, a useful tool is to use the Show Data Collected button to review the data collected on that occasion.



Data view history list

List of data collection history records.



Show Data Collected

After selecting a record, click to show the data collected for this record.

Tip TIP: If, for some reason, you want to change the data results of a Data View History record, you can using the following procedure:

  1. Select the history record in the list and click the Show Data Collected button.
  2. In the Data View Result List window, where the results will be listed, you will find that you can click-hover edit individual data cell values.
  3. After you change something in this way an extra Save Save icon button to the left of the Print button will become visible.
  4. Click on this to re-save the data with your changes. Just close the window to abandon the changes.

Delete Selected

After selecting a record, click to delete it.

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