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Manager Controls: Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance

Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance

Delivery Details are those details specific to Purchase Orders that give information to suppliers on delivery address and instructions. Many delivery sites can be accommodated. This is particularly useful when purchased parts and materials need to be sent directly to customers or sub-contractors. Care must be taken to ensure that correct stock transactions take place when the goods are delivered to external locations. The system assumes ALL ordered part items will be received into stock in the form they were ordered.

Delivery Details can be maintained using the File — System Manager — Delivery Details menu function.

A list of existing delivery details is provided in the top right corner.

To select a delivery detail record, click on the appropriate line on the list. To edit a record, double-click on the line. Existing codes can not be changed.

Both individual text and standard purchase text can be assigned to a delivery detail. If the small Show button is clicked, a list of standard purchase texts is presented as an aide-memoir. Double-clicking on a text in the list will apply it to the record during edit.



Delivery Point Code

Delivery Details for POs. Delivery point code. {DELFILE.DELPTCD char 2}

Delivery Point List

The list shows all delivery details held on file. Click on a line to select the record and show all details on the window. Double-click to edit details.




This will create a Copy of the current record displayed on the window. You will then be able to change the details. Confirm with an OK, or abandon the new record with a Cancel.


Execute this button to permanently remove the currently selected record from the file. If you are permitted to delete the item, you will be asked for confirmation, otherwise an explanation will be given.


To print a report of all delivery details on file. Right-click to select report destination.


Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.


The OK button updates the data you have entered, or confirms the selection and/or processes the function you have called.

The window has 3 tab panes.



Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance - Instructions tab pane

Instructional texts associated with the delivery point.



Delivery Instructions

Delivery Details for POs. Purchase Order delivery instructions text. {DELFILE.DELDETX char 500}

Standard Text Code

Delivery Details for POs. Standard purchasing text code. {DELFILE.DELTXP char 4}


Click this button to display a list of alternatives for the field alongside the button. Double-clicking on a list line will enter the value from the list.

Standard Text Popup List

Lists all purchase standard texts. Double-click on a line to enter it for this delivery details record.

Standard Text

Standard Texts (E,P,S,W). Text. {TXTFILE.TXTTEXT char 10000000}

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Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance - Address tab pane

The delivery point address.

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Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance - Contact tab pane

The delivery point contact, if any.

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