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Graphs 2: Graphs 2 Maintenance

Graphs 2 Maintenance

Graphs 2 Maintenance window

The maintenance of a graph design uses a number of components. In this window is a single graph object which shows the results of your design activity. At the bottom of the window is a status bar that shows the activity being processed, particularly in relation the Data Views being used to collect data for the graph. At the top is the toolbar which controls your activity which is carried out in the Graphs 2 Properties window, that is automatically opened when a graph design is selected.

When the window first opens, it does not open other design windows. However, when you select a graph design from the classification and design lists on the toolbar, the following windows will automatically open to support the design maintenance process. On the first occasion you should move and re-size them to convenient locations so you can work with them together. This is best done on a large display.

Having selected a graph, you can now work in the window to adjust properties and data sources for the graph. Most property adjustments you make are reflected interactively on the graph and in the picture window. However, if you change something that effects the data for the graph, you will need to use the Refresh Refresh button on the toolbar to get the graph to re-collect the data for the graph. If it is a complex data collection process, that may take time.

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