Delivery Details Maintenance


In the Delivery Details Maintenance window, you can set up as many delivery points as your business requires eg. Goods In, Head Office, Storage Warehouse etc.

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Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance

File > System Manager > Delivery Details…

This file path takes you to the Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance window

Instructions Tab

To enter a new goods inwards address, click the Add button. You can add as many new delivery points as required.

Enter a two-character delivery point code of your choice.

In the Purchase Order delivery instructions field, enter any instructions you would like to appear on your purchase order for deliveries to this address eg. Please include a packing note with ever delivery.

Standard Txt PO delivery Instructions – completing this box is optional. These instructions can be set up in the purchasing standard Text Maintenance Window.

Address Tab

Enter all relevant information for the delivery point in this window.

The description field can be the name you call the delivery point eg. Warehouse 2.

The Comments field is for your reference only and does not print out on any report.

Incoterms field has a drop-down menu. To choose from the list click the show button – this does not have to be completed.

In the places field you can insert a named place or port – this does not have to be completed.

Contact Tab

Click on the + button on the right hand side to enter point of contact for this address eg: Warehouse Manager. You can only add one point of contact for each delivery point.

In ‘Dear’ field, you can enter how you would like any letters to start eg. Dear Julian

Description field is for your reference only eg. Head office. This makes it easy to select the correct address when you have multiple delivery points.

IP Voice field is for Internet telephone numbers if relevant.

Comments field is for information that will go on the Contact photo page

A photo can be inserted into the small box next to the comments box by copying an image and pasting it to this box. This can then be used for identification by right click on the image, select zoom then print. (see image below)


Delivery Point Code

This shows the delivery point details for purchase orders.

Delivery Point List

This list shows all delivery point details held on file. Use the drop down to show all records and click on the record to show all details in the window.


Delivery point address and contact information is entered here.


Information and image of the point of contact for the delivery point entered here.

Add Button

This will create a Copy of the current record displayed on the window. You will then be able to change the details. Confirm with the save button or abandon the new record with revert.

Delete Button

Select this button to permanently remove the currently selected record from the file. If you are permitted to delete the item, you will be asked for confirmation before you can continue.

Select to print a report of all delivery details on file. Right-click to select report destination.

Revert Button

This will revert to the previously saved details.

Save Button

This will save new details entered.

This article is part of the Vision Setup Guide. Click Here to return to the Setup Guide.

Compiled in Program Version 6.00.

Class wDelEdit (Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance) FP: File > System Manager > Delivery Details…

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