Index Codes


Index codes are used to index or classify customers, suppliers, and parts. You can also set up marketing project codes and incoterms from this window.

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Initial Set up of Index Codes

File > System Manager > Index Codes

This file path takes you to the Index Code Maintenance box (headed as Marketing Project Code Maintenance as this is the type automatically selected).

Select New

Select customer index 1 and click the new button. This will bring up New Index Code window and will prompt you to enter a code eg. ’NEW’.

We recommend you enter ‘NEW’ for each initial index type.

Enter a description for each code

Click then hover your mouse over the description line next to the appropriate code and enter a description of the new code eg. NEW – New Customer Index Code 1/ New Customer Index Code 2/ New Parts Index Code 1 etc. Enter as many subcategories for each index code as required.

Index codes must be set up to allow you to enter new customers, parts, and suppliers.

Marketing Project

Marketing Project codes are optional codes for Marketing, Customer and Sales data and are set up in the same way as the index codes.


Default Incoterms are set up in your database. You can add as many as you want in the same way as the Index codes.


Code List Field

Here you will find all index codes for the selected class. You can edit the description by clicking on the required line and hovering the mouse. This list can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by clicking on the heading.

Code Type field

You can select which index code you would like to see or amend by clicking the circle next to it.


This creates a new blank record in the file. You will then be able to enter the details for the record and confirm with the ok button or abandon with the cancel button.

This will print a report of all your index and incoterm codes. Right click to select report destination.

This article is part of the Vision Setup Guide. Click Here to return to the Setup Guide.

Compiled in Program Version 6.00.

Class wIdxEdit (Index Code Maintenance) FP: File > System Manager > Index codes

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