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Ledgers Nominal or General Ledger: – General Ledger Menu

– General Ledger Menu

General Ledger Menu

The General Ledger (G/L) (known also as Nominal Ledger) maintains your business internal accounts and is separated into Trading Accounts (those shown on the Income or Profit and Loss Statement) and Asset Accounts (those shown on the Balance Sheet).




Simple Transactions

Provides for direct transfers from one General Ledger account to another. Single one-to-one transfers. This function opens the General Ledger Simple Transaction window.


Cash Book Transactions

To perform a direct cash book transaction. Posting a single bank payment to a number of cost accounts. This function opens the Cash Book Transaction Posting window.



Provides for multiple transactions between General Ledger accounts. Journals are recorded and provided with serial numbers which can be either reviewed or maintained. This function opens the General Ledger Journals window.


Petty Cash

Gives review and maintenance access to the petty cash General Ledger account. This function opens the Petty Cash Posting window.


Bank Accounts

Bank account review and reconciliation. Bank accounts are those General Ledger accounts marked are type B. This function opens the Bank Account Review and Reconciliation window.


Bank Cheques

Enables you to review, track and print cheques paid out of bank accounts. This function opens the Bank Cheque Review and Printing window.


Cash Flow Analysis

Enables you to review and project a cash flow analysis for bank accounts. This function opens the Cash Flow Management and Analysis window.


Asset Register

Maintenance of capital assets in which depreciation can be automatically assigned. This function opens the Asset Register Maintenance window.


Sales Tax (VAT)

Sales tax analysis by class and period or date of transaction. You will be presented with a dialogue to identify which period of activity you seek analysis for. This function opens the Sales Tax Analysis Results window which you can control with the Tax Analysis Range Selection window.


Currency Control

Maintenance of foreign currency exchange rates and processes for accounting for the changes. This function opens the Currency Control window.


Account Maintenance

For the maintenance of General Ledger accounts including assigning budgetary values to future periods. This function opens the General Ledger Account Maintenance window.


Review Account List

Provides a complete listing of General Ledger accounts. Both current period and year-to-date values can be shown. This function opens the General Ledger Account List window.


Review Account Structure Tree

Use this function to review a list of G/L accounts is a structured tree form. This function opens the General Ledger Account Structure Tree window.


Review Account Transactions

Use this function to review a list of G/L account transaction history. This function opens the Account Review window which uses the Account Review list subwindow.


Review Memos

To review any pending credit control memos on the G/L. This function opens the Credit Control Memo Review window.


Daybook Analysis

Provides a listing of the current transaction day’s activity on the General Ledger. This function opens the Daybook Transaction Listing window.


Print Account Reports

Provides for account reports with a variety of selection criteria. This function opens the Print G/L Report Selection window which uses the General Ledger Account Selection subwindow.


Print Financial Statements

Provides for a variety of alternative Profit and Loss statements and Balance Sheet reports based either on current account status or historical information and comparative analysis with budgets assigned to General Ledger accounts. This function opens the Financial Statement Reports Selection window.


Print Custom Reports

Lets you print custom G/L report designs. You can design these from the Ledger Manager function. This function opens the G/L Custom Report Selection window.


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