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Preferences: Preferences Menu              


The preferences Menu provides terminal and user preferences functions.

File Path

File > Preferences

This file path takes you to the Preferences menu

Message Log…

Provides a list log of program messages displayed in this session. This function opens the Program Message Log window.

Terminal Options…

Terminal options maintenance, effecting any user logging into this workstation. This function opens the Terminal Preferences window.

Database Logon Settings…

Options for logon settings. This function opens the Database Connections Settings window.

User Settings…

Settings for the currently logged in user. This function opens the Company Name Selection window.

Switch Company Name…

When you have a multiple company name license you can use this to switch company names for the remainder of your working session. This function opens the User Settings Maintenance window.

Change User Password

Enables you to change your current Password which will come into effect the next time you enter the program. This function opens the Change User Password window.

Workflow Alert Checks

Provides for maintenance of customised user workflow alert checking. This function opens the Workflow Alert Checks Maintenance window.

SQL Log Review…

This function opens the SQL and Error Log Review window.

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Compiled in Program Version 6.00.  Help date last modified on 26 March 2024

Class mprefs (Preferences Menu) last modified 25 May 2022 FP: File > Preferences

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