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Preferences: Workflow Alert Check Result

Workflow Alert Check Result

Workflow Alert Check Result window

This window automatically opens to display the results of a Workflow Alert Check.

Each user can have an individual set of Workflow Alert Checks that can be set to periodically run and so provide the user with timely business information.

Once an alert check is run the next time any alert is due for that user is stored. This time is tested each time the Navigator window becomes the top window. This approach is taken to avoid untimely triggering of checks. As a consequence, you can suppress triggering by closing the Navigator window.

You can maintain your own alert checks with the Workflow Alert Report Maintenance window.




The description of the Workflow Alert Check that is listed.

Result List

Listed results of the Workflow Alert Check. You can use the header to change the sort order.



Print Report

Click to print the list (sorted as per the design). Right-click to select an alternative report destination.

Next Due Alert

When active there is a further Workflow Alert Check due to run. Click to move on to this Check.

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