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Bills of Material: BoM Changes Log

BoM Changes Log

BoM Changes Log

Changes to BoM Structures can be logged. To automatically log changes you must set the two preferences in File — System Manager — System Preferences and the Bills of Material tab pane.

The BoM Changes Log to record quantity changes preference logs any quantity changes.

Warning WARNING: No BoM Changes Log records are created during importing data using Data Transfer functions.

The BoM Changes Log to record component issue-only changes preference controls whether changes to component engineering issue references, when not accompanied by a quantity change, are recorded in the log. This takes place when editing a component BoM record or during “Update issue…” in parts maintenance.

Note NOTE: Although these controls are independent, there is little point of setting the second without the first as the second only records issue changes when no quantity change is recorded.

BoM Change Log data

Each time a change is detected a single record is created. The fields are as follows:




The part number of the assembly parent.


The part number of the component being changed. If there are multiple entries of the same component in the assembly, the system will not distinguish between them.

Change type

This is a numeric code that identifies the type of BoM maintenance transaction that resulted in the log record. In the displayed list and on standard reports this code is used to provide descriptors. It contains one of the following codes:
1 = Component additions to the assembly
2 = Component deletion from the assembly
3 = Component quantity change during edit
4 = Component engineering issue change without quantity change

Note NOTE: Type 4 changes ONLY apply to the change of engineering issue reference recorded against the component in the bill of materials file. It does NOT apply to a change of the part’s engineering issue in the part master record, unless accompanied by an “Update Issue…” which includes the use of the part as a component for the parent in question.

Change quantity

The quantity of increase that has been made to the BoM quantity for the component’s use in the assembly. If negative, there has been a reduction in it’s use. Zero quantity will only apply to type 4 changes of issue only.

Parent engineering issue

For quantity changes, this shows the parent part’s engineering issue reference at the time the change took place. This is the part master record engineering reference for the parent part. For issue only changes, the component issue as now referenced in the parent part’s linked BoM record is shown in this field.

Warning WARNING: If you are using Engineering Issue control to manage engineering change, you should always make sure that you change the parent part’s engineering issue reference in Part Maintenance before you carry out any BoM maintenance or component part Update Issue. This will ensure that the Changes Log will reflect the fact that changes relate to the new issue of the parent. If you do it after BoM changes, the parent issue field in the Changes Log will indicate that the changes related to the old issue.

BoM component engineering issue

The bill of materials component engineering issue reference after the change took place. This is not necessarily the component part’s engineering issue in the part master record. It is changed either in BoM maintenance or during “Update Issue…” in parts maintenance (see also the warning above).

Date and time

The terminal date and time when the change was recorded. This is a single combined field of both date and time.

User ID

The Transaction ID of the user who made the BoM change that was recorded.

Listing Window



Build List for Parent

Builds a list of BoM changes for a selected Parent part number using the Part Selection window.

Build List for Component

Builds a list of BoM changes for a selected Component part number using the Part Selection window.

Print report

Use this button to print a report of BoM changes.

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