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Advanced Functions: Change Management System Upgrade via the Internet

Change Management System Upgrade via the Internet

Change Management System Upgrade via the Internet

With this function you can directly download the latest maintenance release Change Management System file from Caliach’s secure internet server using FTP.

FTP is File Transfer Protocol and uses the internet to move files from a server to a client and visa versa. FTP services are built in to Omnis Studio.

To operate this you need to enter the username and password you have chosen when registering your license with Caliach. You can save your username in the Company Details Maintenance window Others tab pane.

Company Details Maintenance - Others tab pane

To operate this feature enter your username and password which is case-sensitive and click on the button. You may wish to choose alternative options to the default. If you are permanently connected to the internet, the transfer will start immediately, if not your computer’s internet dial-up will be initiated.



User name

Your user name for access to the server. Usually this is case insensitive.


Server access password, usually case sensitive.

FTP site address

The IP address of the FTP server. Typically in the form ftp.caliach.com.

Directory path

Directory path on the remote server in which the download file in contained. Generally directories are de-limited with a / character.

File name

The file name and extension of the file to be downloaded.

Place in the data directory for upgrade then restart

Choose this option for an automatic program update. The file will be placed in the directory of the current data file and a restart performed.

Place in Custom directory for use in the CMS

Choose this option to place the file in the program’s Custom directory. It can then be manually accessed by the Change Management System.

Prompt for destination

Select this option to choose yourself the destination for the file. You will then be prompted for a filename and destination.

Also download Fault Feature Database into Custom directory

Check this option to also download the latest Faults and Features data file WishBugs.bug and place it in the Custom directory. Any existing file will be deleted first.



Download Upgrade

Initiates the download. If files already exist you will be warned and offered the opportunity to cancel.

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