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Advanced Functions: Change Management System Notes Maintenance

Change Management System Notes Maintenance

Change Management System Notes Maintenance

This window is used to enter and maintain a list of notes that will be seen by the user, when the Change Management System (CMS) update file updates their copy of the program. The window is opened by clicking the Notes Maintenance tool in the Change Management System Class Mover toolbar.

Data Elements



Version number

The version number the note relates to. It is used to control those seen by users when the update takes place. 0.0000 rows are always seen. For example, if you have notes for version 1.1 and 1.2, a user updating from 1.0 will see both, whereas a user upgrading from 1.1 will only see the 1.2 note.


A code that can be used for any organisational purpose. It is used as a secondary sort after the version number when presenting notes to the upgrading user.

Original date

The original date of the note.


The subject of the note that will be displayed to the upgrading user.

Note text

The text of the note that the upgrading user will see.

The Grid

List of all update version notes associated with the currently attached update file. You can add an additional note by tabbing out of the final cell. Delete one by leaving both subject and note clear.


Enter appropriate data in the grid boxes. To add an extra entry, tab out of the bottom right grid box. To delete a row, delete all text in both Subject and Note columns – the row will be deleted the next time Save Changes is clicked.

To print the current list of notes click Print List. The printed order will be the same as the listed order.

To abandon changes and revert to the saved set of notes click Revert to Saved.

To save changes and any new notes click Save Changes.

Button Functions



Print List

Will cause a report to be printed of the subject matter. You can change the Destination of the report by selecting the ‘Report Destination’ menu command.

Save Changes

To save the changes you have made to the data file.

Revert to Saved

To revert any changes to the previously saved version.


The Version number can be used to limit the notes seen by the user during upgrade. Any note that has a zero version number will be seen by the user, followed by those with version numbers higher than he has read before. (If the user has just installed or re-installed the program, all notes will be seen regardless of version number). The notes will be seen in Version number then Code order.

Use the Code field to control order or as a reference to any documentation you are maintaining, and the date field for your own information. Only the Subject and Note texts are seen by the user, unless they print a report of the notes.

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