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MRP Planning, Processing and Results: MPS Selection

MPS Selection

MPS Selection

The Master Production Schedule is a listing of all items that constitute direct demand for an MRP processing run. When you operate this function from Process — Material Planning — Master Production Schedule, you are first presented with this options window which is identical to the MRP processing demand selection.

By default the option selections will correspond to the last MRP run demand criteria.

Check all sources of demand that you wish to include in the MPS analysis.

The Revert To Last button will recover the settings of the last MRP run.



Stock Re-Order Level (not true demand)

Check to include, as demand, those parts that are currently below their re-order level in inventory regardless of their inclusion in demand or dependant demand otherwise loaded.

Sales Orders

Check to include all outstanding confirmed Sales Order items.


Check to include all items on Quotations.


Check to include all outstanding confirmed Job items.


Check to include all items on Estimates.

Production plan active items

Check to include production plan items that have been marked as active.

Inactive items

Check to include all production plan items that have not been marked as inactive.

Last MRP Process Details

Company and System Settings. MRP last run criteria. {MCDFILE.MCDMRPC char 32000}



Revert To Last

To revert the selection to that used on the last occasion MRP processing was run.


Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.

Build MPS List

To confirm the selection and build the MPS list.

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