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Purchase Orders: Purchase Order or RFQ Details

Purchase Order or RFQ Details

Purchase Order or RFQ Details - Document pane

This window is a general purpose review window for Purchase Orders or Requests for Quotation. It is opened if you drill down on a reference to a purchase order and if you click on the Show button on the Select Purchase Order window. This is simply a review window and no changes can be made. However, right-clicking on the Purchase Order Number will provide access to the Purchase menu for maintenance functions.



Purchase Order Number

Purchase Order Headers. Purchase order number. {POHFILE.POHPONO char 6}

Supplier Code

Suppliers. Supplier unique code identifier. {SUPFILE.SUPCODE char 6}

Supplier Name

Suppliers. Supplier company name. {SUPFILE.SUPNAME char 40}

Because the window provides both received and on-order lines, you can also select a fully received order that will not be selectable in the normal Purchase Order selection dialogue window. To do this use the Select Received Order button which will open the Purchase History PO Selection dialog.



Select Received Order

Click to review a fully received purchase order.

The window has 3 tab panes.

Line Items 
Order Preparation 


This pane shows the purchase order or request for quotation details.



Delivery Point Code

Purchase Order Headers. Delivery details code. {POHFILE.POHDPC char 2}


Purchase Order Headers. PO printed flag (YES = Printed). {POHFILE.POHPRNT boolean}

Order Date

Purchase Order Headers. Date of issue of purchase order. {POHFILE.POHDATE date date1980}


Purchase Order Headers. User reference. {POHFILE.POHUSER char 15}


Purchase Order Headers. Currency code (blank = default). {POHFILE.POHCUR char 3}

Exchange Rate

Purchase Order Headers. Currency rate applicable when order created. {POHFILE.POHRATE number float}

Creator’s User Id

Purchase Order Headers. PO creator’s initials. {POHFILE.POHINIT char 3}

Delivery Instructions

Standard purchase text from: Purchase Order Headers. Delivery instructions standard text. {POHFILE.POHTXCD char 4}

User 1

Purchase Order Headers. User character field 1 (single character). {POHFILE.POHUSE1 char 1}

For more details, see the Purchase Order Maintenance window topic.

User 2

Purchase Order Headers. User character field 2 (4 characters). {POHFILE.POHUSE2 char 4}

User 3

Purchase Order Headers. User character field 3 (18 characters). {POHFILE.POHUSE3 char 18}

User 4

Purchase Order Headers. User character field 4 (30 characters). {POHFILE.POHUSE4 char 30}


Purchase Order Headers. Incoterm code (Blank or IDXTYPE=9). {POHFILE.POHINCO char 4}

Incoterms are the internationally agreed method of designating trading transactions which cross national borders. They define the limits of commercial responsibility for the selling party and so clearly define the limits of cost of the delivery of the goods. In the system they are defined in File — System Manager — Index Codes. An Incoterm generally requires a parameter which is usually a place or port name. A Purchase Order Incoterm will be copied to any resulting purchase history.

Incoterm Place

Purchase Order Headers. Incoterm parameter (usually a named place or port). {POHFILE.POHINCP char 60}

Ordered on Address

Contact and address that the purchase order is addressed to (either default or additional).

Header Text

Purchase Order Headers. Standard purchase text. {POHFILE.POHTXP char 4}


Purchase Order Headers. Order processing office notes and comments. {POHFILE.POHOPCO char 10000000}

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Line Items

Purchase Order or RFQ Details - Line Items pane

This pane shows the document line item details. The upper list gives outstanding lines to be received. The lower list those that have been received.



Due Line Items List

List of all line items for the order due to be received. Double-click to put parts in ScratchPad.

Total Balance Value

The total value of balance quantity items (without tax) for the order in the currency shown.

History List

A listing of purchase history for the selected part, supplier or order shown above.


The average values for all purchase receipts listed. Cost, Ordered lead working days, Delivered lead working days.



Print Listing

To print a report of the listed items. Right-click to change the report destination.

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Order Preparation

Purchase Order or RFQ Details - Order Preparation pane

This pane contains the Order Preparation Listing subwindow.

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