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General Program Functions: Caliach Vision Tip Of The Day

Caliach Vision Tip Of The Day

Tip Of The Day

Tip of the Day is a graphic download. Of those available and appropriate to you, the least viewed will be shown to you next time.

The Tip of the Day is a system introduced to help users make the most of working with Caliach Vision.

The program is packed with features to enable users to be as productive as possible. So much so that few users fully know what is there to be exploited. The purpose of this tip system is to remind users once a day of a feature that they may not know about and could help improve their productivity and minimise frustrations.

Over the years of development the program has had more and more added to it. Alongside this constant growth the programmers have had to minimise what is called screen-clutter; having so much on the windows that they become confusing. This means it is not often visually obvious where features exist. These tips will seek to point these out.

You can suppress the repeat of tips using the “I Know About This!” button. It will then not reappear for several months. A user can turn the Tip of the Day off entirely using the Block All Tips function on the context menu on the I Know About This! button.

One tip a day is downloaded automatically across the Internet on startup, and language selection, by the first network user of the day with an Internet connection.

Tips are then stored in the tipsoftheday folder on your server beside your data file (or the direct path) and are read from there. Tips are language sensitive so they are stored in the appropriate locale subfolder. An index file is maintained to ensure speedy lookup and sychronisation with the Caliach Web site. This file is named whatishere.xml. This index file contains menu control, help, language and modified date data.

User viewing of a tip is timed so the longer it is viewed the less likely it is to reappear in the future. This information is recorded in the User Settings in the datafile so that the user is not repeatedly shown the same tip. Available Tips are filtered for relevance based on five factors:

  • Whether the user is an Administrator.
  • Whether the license includes Manufacturing.
  • Whether the license includes Ledgers.
  • The program Version the user is running.
  • Whether the user has a certain combination of menu privileges.

A user can manually open a Tip of the Day from the Navigator window. At the bottom left is an expanding link-list of available and relevant tips.




Click on a link if present to view program help on the subject.

Give Me Another

Gets the next available Tip that is on your server.

Start Slide Show

Gives a timed slide show of the tips available on your server in your language.

Stop Slide Show

Turns off the slide show.

I Know About This!

If you operate this, you will not be shown this Tip for at least 3 months.

This is in effect a temporary block on the showing of the selected Tip.

There is a context menu on this button to Block All Tips and Unblock All Tips. Block All Tips effectively turns off the Tip of the Day feature for the user.


Closes the window.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 1 May 2018 05:47:24.88. Class wTipOfTheDay last modified 1 May 2018 04:28:57.

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