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Inventory: Transfer Stock

Transfer Stock

Transfer Stock

The Inventory Transfer function can be used to formally transfer stock from one multi-location to another. This feature is particularly useful where locations are being maintained for stock in several buildings or warehouses.

Within this window you can effect a transfer from one location to another which will be recorded in a special transfer file. You can review previous transfers and print a Transfer document.

The Transfer Document makes use of Delivery Detail records to provide From and To addresses and location notes. See File — System Manager — Delivery Details, Goods-Inwards Delivery Details Maintenance window for details.

To record a transaction click on the Create Transaction button. Select the part you are transferring using the up/down arrow buttons, KeyWord Search or ScratchPad as needed.It is only useful to select a part with multi-location stocks. You can select a From and To delivery point from the drop-up lists. This is not mandatory but does enable you to have pre-defined addresses on the Transfer Document.

Select a From Stores Location from the drop list, this is mandatory. Then either select a To Store Location from the drop list, or enter a new location code into the box provided. Note that if the part is a batch-tracked part, you will only be able to select a To location that already contains the same batch number. If you do select an existing To location the quantity will be moved into it. If the From Location contains a Batch ID, this will be displayed below and recorded.

Enter a quantity which will be in the Stock units of measure and can not be greater than the From location quantity.

Finally you have three free text fields in which you can enter respectively a Unit Description, a Reference and a Comment. All these will be recorded for future use and printed on the document.

When you are satisfied, click Ok and the transfer will be assigned a new number and processed.



Transfer number

Transfer Stock Details. Transfer stock number. {TRSFILE.TRSNO char 6}


Transfer Stock Details. Date of transfer. {TRSFILE.TRSDATE date date1980}

Part number

Transfer Stock Details. Part number. {TRSFILE.TRSPTNO char 18}


Parts Master. Part description. {PTMFILE.PTMDESC char 30}

From delivery point

Transfer Stock Details. Transfer from location (Delivery point code). {TRSFILE.TRSFROM char 2}

To delivery point

Transfer Stock Details. Transfer to location (Delivery point code). {TRSFILE.TRSTO char 2}

From store location

Transfer Stock Details. From stores location. {TRSFILE.TRSFSTO char 8}

From store location drop list

Transfer Stock Details. From stores location. {TRSFILE.TRSFROM char 8}

To store location

Transfer Stock Details. To stores location. {TRSFILE.TRSTSTO char 8}

To store location drop list

Transfer Stock Details. To stores location. {TRSFILE.TRSTSTO char 8}


Transfer Stock Details. Quantity of transfer. {TRSFILE.TRSQTY number 3dp}

Stock unit of measure

Parts Master. Standard stock unit of measure. {PTMFILE.PTMSTUM char 6}

Unit description

Transfer Stock Details. Unit description for the quantity. {TRSFILE.TRSUNIT char 30}


Transfer Stock Details. Transfer reference. {TRSFILE.TRSREF char 20}

Batch Id

Transfer Stock Details. Batch number. {TRSFILE.TRSBATC char 7}


Transfer Stock Details. Comment. {TRSFILE.TRSCOMM char 32000}




To edit the comments of a transfer record.


To find a previous transaction. Enter a value and confirm.


To print a Stock Transfer document for the currently selected transfer. Right-click to select the destination.

Create Transaction

To create a new stock transaction.


Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.


The OK button updates the data you have entered, or confirms the selection and/or processes the function you have called.

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 8 May 2012 06:20:00.00. Class wTrsProcess last modified 10 Oct 2017 11:48:58.

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