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General Program Functions: Single-User Activity Hold

Single-User Activity Hold

This window (not illustrated) is opened when a user chooses a Single-User function and chooses to wait until other users have logged out or otherwise become idle (tokens have expired).

When a user requests single-user access to the database, other active user’s are warned (at the point of token refresh) that they must logoff the database. Normally this is forced on them. However, if a user is idle they are assumed by the single-user requester to be permanently idle. If all attached users are idle then the single-user process can proceed, knowing that any user attempting to become active again will be forcibly logged off. This window gives the single user requester a degree of control over this process.

If left alone this window will automatically Retry every 15 seconds. If the Retry is successful then this message will close and you can continue with what you were intending to do.




Click to retry access.


Click to Logoff and Logon. All windows will close.

Exit Program

Click to exit the entire program.

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