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General Program Functions: User Contribution to Language Improvement

User Contribution to Language Improvement

User Contribution to Language Improvement window

This window opens from the Crowd-Source Language Improvement window Fetch My Recent Contributions from the Server button function.

The list returned from the server will contain all the contributions you have made, typically, in the last week. It identifies you from your datafile User Id, your site license Caliach serial number and your name (partially, Tom will do for Tommy Jones).

You can print the list using the Print List context menu.



Text list

List of your contributions of texts from the server. Click to select a text and see details below.

Moderator comments

Comments made by the moderator.

Name or email of moderator

The name or email address of the moderator.


The current status of the selected text contribution. Pending means that it has not yet been attended to by the moderator. Active means that it has been accepted by the moderator and will be, or has been, included in updates. When the moderator makes it Active, he may have to change your text submission to accomodate standards or for technical reasons. That change will be seen in the translated text.

Your translation

Your modified translated text.

Mass change

You requested the translation should be changed everywhere the master English text is present in the program. The modorator may have un-checked this if he was unable to make this mass change.

Original translation

The original master transtlation at the time you made your change.

Base English

The base English text for the object involved.

Your comments

Your comments on the changes you made.

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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 28 Jan 2013 08:40:00.00. Class wXlateUserList last modified 23 Sep 2017 10:51:15.

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