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ScratchPads: Customer ScratchPad Options Menu

Customer ScratchPad Options Menu

Customers ScratchPad Options Menu

Functions that can be applied to the Customer ScratchPad.




Operations on selected

The hierarchical menu that opens from this menu line contains a number of common normal functions that can be operated directly on a selected customer in the ScratchPad list. These functions are all available through other standard menus, however typically when using the standard menus you will be required to select the customer after the appropriate function window opens, as a separate activity. Using the function from this menu leads to the automatic application of the currently selected customer. Privileges to use these functions are inherited from the normal menu function. For example, to operate New Job or Estimate you must have access to Processing — Jobs and Estimating — New Job or Estimate, if you don’t the function will be disabled. This menu is also available separately on the ScratchPad window menu bar.


Build New List

To build a list of customers based on a selection set. The Customer ScratchPad Selection window will open.


Clear Entire List

Clears all lines in the ScratchPad list.


Clear Selected Lines

Removes the selected lines from the ScratchPad.


Invert Selection

To invert the current list selection. I.E. Customers selected will be deselected and visa-versa.


Transfer List

Either to transfer the list into another list or to print a report of the selected parts


Save as User List

The current contents of the ScratchPad will be saved in the User Settings and when the user next logs on, the ScratchPad will be re-loaded from the saved list.


Clip Address In-Out via Clipboard

Provides a two-way transfer of ScratchPad contents to and from the Clipboard.


Set to Palette Style Window

Sets or resets the window to stay on top of other windows. When in palette mode the window cannot be re-sized.


Print Letter Print Standard Letter for Selected…

Prints Standard Letters for the selected Addresses and Contacts.. It opens the Standard Letter Selection window so you can select a letter to print.


Print Envelope Print Envelope for Selected…

Prints Envelopes for the selected Addresses and Contacts.


Print 4x4 Label Print 4×4 Label for Selected…

Prints 4×4 Labels for the selected Addresses and Contacts.. It opens the 4 by 4 Label Position window so you can select a label position.


All Mailable All Mailable Contacts

Print copies of letters, envelopes, labels, etc. to all contacts marked Mailable as well as the default contact on the default address. Operate the menu to switch on and off.


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Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 4 Jun 2012 04:49:00.00. Class mScratchCustomers last modified 22 Dec 2014 02:38:28.

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