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ScratchPads: Parts ScratchPad Operations Menu

Parts ScratchPad Operations Menu

This menu enables you to initiate common operations directly on a part selected in the ScratchPad list.




View Details

To view and maintain the current part in a new window. This function operates with the Part Maintenance window.


Bill of Materials

To select a Bill of Material for maintenance with the selected parent part number . See the Bills of Material Maintenance topic.


Process Route

To select a parent part to show or create operations for it. This function opens and operates on the Process Route Maintenance window.


Create Purchase Order

To create a new Purchase Order for the selected supplier. After entry of details and confirmation the new Purchase Order will be automatically given the next serial number. This function opens the Purchase Order Maintenance window.


Create Work Order

To create a new Work Order for an assembly batch. This function opens the Work Order Maintenance window.


Stock Control

Brings forward a window within which you can carry out inventory adjustments, returns and issues that are not forming part of normal inventory transaction processing. This function opens the Stock Control Activities window.


Review Part Movement

To obtain a listing of inventory movement history for a selected part . This function opens the Stock History Listing window which contains the Stock History List and Parts Current Quantity subwindows.


Review Part Processing

To gain an analysis of process activities a part is due to undergo. This function opens the Part Processing Analysis window which contains the Part Process Analysis and Parts Current Quantity subwindows.


Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 22 Sep 2013 06:47:00.00. Class mScratchPartsOps last modified 9 Jan 2015 01:53:25.

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