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Ledgers Manager: General Ledger Report Structure Maintenance

General Ledger Report Structure Maintenance

General Ledger Report Structure Maintenance

The first action for a Ledgers Manager, after setting the period calendar, is to set up the basics of the two account reports. Both are available on the one window. All G/L accounts must be assigned to a report line and this assignment determines the account structure.

You can switch between Income (P and L) statement and Balance sheet using the tab panes. These report structures can be imported and exported using the Special Ledger Data Transfers window, having been previously exported from another data file.

Both tab panes have the same list structure and behave in the same way.

Line number

Each line in the report is numbered from 1 to 999 and will be printed on the report in that order. There is no significance to the line number other than report line order and it is suggested that you leave space between groups of headings so that you can later add lines. If you need to delete a line number once it has been created, you can only delete it once any G/L Accounts have been assigned to another line on the report.

Subtotal groups

The subtotal group fields are used to control where the subtotal lines are printed. Again, there is no absolute significance in the numbers, only in the point where they change value. When the number changes, from one line to another, a subtotal line will be inserted in the report. The text for the subtotal group 1 line will be the report heading of the preceding title-only line in the subtotal group. For subtotal group 2, it will be the first title-only line for that group. For example:

Report Structure Example



Print Layout

To print a layout trial for the selected report. Note that the values given in the report are for layout illustration only.

View Tree

To open a tree view of the structure. See the General Ledger Report Structure Tree window.


To revert any changes to the previously saved version.


To save the changes you have made to the data file.




G/L Report Layout. Line number in report (1 through 999). {RBPFILE.RBPLINE integer}

Sub 1

G/L Report Layout. Subtotal 1 group id. {RBPFILE.RBPST1 integer shortint}

Sub 2

G/L Report Layout. Subtotal 2 group id. {RBPFILE.RBPST2 integer shortint}


G/L Report Layout. Heading inset (number of spaces up to 40). {RBPFILE.RBPINSE integer shortint}

Report heading

G/L Report Layout. Heading for report. {RBPFILE.RBPHEAD char 40}

Title only

G/L Report Layout. Title only flag. {RBPFILE.RBPTITL boolean}

Do not print

G/L Report Layout. Do not print subtotal heading or when zero value flag. {RBPFILE.RBPTITL boolean}

Tip TIP: This is used by reports to decide whether to print the line when values are zero. It can be used to conditionally print any line, but is most useful in suppressing the printing of subtotal headings. So in the example above, if the NET ASSETS (title) line had the Do not print checkbox checked, the first line in the results would not print, but the NET ASSETS total line would.

Compiled in Program Version 5.10. Help data last modified 24 Apr 2012 06:35:00.00. Class wAcRepLayout last modified 10 Oct 2017 11:47:55.

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